Perfect Your Baking with the Best Springform Pan America’s Test Kitchen 2021

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What do we know about springform pans? They serve cheesecakes. Really? Just that? We don't think so!

You can find various springform pans - small, medium, large, with multiple benefits and uses. Springform pans will help you create the best recipes - both sweet & savory, and ease your baking process. So, you will find the best solution for your needs.

Therefore, below you can find all you need to know about the best springform pan America’s Test Kitchen!


Top 3 Recommendations

Best Springform Pan America’s Test Kitchen - Top 5 Picks

Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Springform Pan - Best Quality

Why is Wilton our best bet?

Regardless of the baked goods, the durable scratch-resistant and nonstick coating allows your food to pop out or slide easily, making it easy to clean. Additionally, the springform pan includes various cooking options so that you will find Nonstick bakeware, EverGlide, and recipe-right nonstick options.

Of course, you will see the proportions on the handles for more convenient use and removable sides. All of them are dishwasher safe. Therefore, our nonstick standard cake pan is a must-have for your baking needs.

Furthermore, the heavy-gauge construction provides ultimate durability; hence, the springform pan will last for an extended period. Besides, your baked goods will heat evenly, thanks to the nonstick material and design, so food cooks thoroughly.

The materials include the anodized aluminum, so our favorite Wilton springform pan will be sturdy and reliable enough to endure the highest temperature. Thus, the springform pan is safe for oven temperatures and perfect for delicate cakes.

Thanks to the non-stick surface, the Wilton springform pan provides easy cleaning so that you can prepare layered cakes, and the broad base allows you to bake your favorite cheesecake and other different recipes instantly.

Another big plus is the possibility to place the springform pan into a refrigerator, freezer, microwave, and other right tools, for the best sweet and savory home cooks and desserts. So, if you like the best springform pan, don't hesitate and try it now!

  • Heavy-duty steel
  • Non-stick content
  • Releases easily
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Oven safe
  • Lifetime limited warranty – 10 years only

Instant Pot Official Springform Pan - Best Performance

What's so unique about the next springform pan? Well, you'll see.

Firstly, the Instant Pot springform pan offers the best versatility! Making cheesecake now really becomes a piece of cake, and you can bake other delicate cakes or even cook lasagna, eggs, different food, and desserts. You will love it!

Moreover, the Instant Pot springform pan offers an impressive design. We refer to the heavy gauge steel, creating a non-stick coating; therefore, your cheesecake or other desserts won't stick to the pan and remain intact. Thus, you can avoid unnecessary complications.

Of course, it's crucial to mention that the Instant pot springform pan is oven safe and will resist even the highest temperatures. Therefore, you can place it in an oven; it will fit all of them, as the dimensions measure 7.56 x 7.56 x 3.11 inches.

As you will find, the Instant Pot springform pan easily fits all six-quart or eight-quart cookers as well, so you can combine well and bake your favorite food instantly.

Due to the construction, the springform pan heats all its parts evenly, making your cooking more convenient and more accessible. Additionally, the content provides maximum durability and solid construction. So, the best springform pan will last for an extended period and serve you well.

You will love all baked goods, as they will be delicious, flavory, and soft to consume. So, will you opt for this Instant Pot springform pan?

  • Non-stick surface
  • Heat distribution
  • Great shape
  • Oven safe
  • Heats evenly
  • NOT a leak-proof springform pan

Hiware 10 Inch Non-stick Springform Pan - Best Design

Our following 10-inch springform pan is a top choice if you want all-in-one options! Namely, the leak-proof pan will make your baking process and baked goods perfect and flawless. How so?

Well, you will see that the Hiware 10-inch springform pan includes maximum versatility so that you could prepare a cheesecake and other desserts, but quiche mousse and other cooking recipes effortlessly. Thanks to the double layer of nonstick coating, you will have a quick release of cakes and different food types, and you don't need flowering.

The Hiware 10-inch springform pan includes the most straightforward cleaning process due to the shape, nonstick coating, and materials. However, the 10-inch springform pan is not a dishwasher-safe one, so you should wash it manually. But, the leak-proof and non-stick cake pan is healthy and safe, as hazardous chemicals CANNOT damage it.

Of course, you can place the Hiware 10-inch springform pan into the oven, up to 450°F. The stainless steel cake pan provides an easy and smooth release; therefore, our leak-proof cake pan is the #1 choice for bakery kitchens and restaurants.

Thanks to the stainless steel construction and non-stick coating, the Hiware 10-inch springform pan will last for an extended period; hence, you can combine well.

And? What do you think about our best springform bakeware? If you love it, hurry up and order it now! You won't regret it!

  • Leak-proof baking pan
  • BPA free
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Easy to wash and clean
  • Not dishwasher safe

Nordic Ware 51842 Leakproof Springform Pan - Best Versatility

Nordic Ware's leakproof springform pan is significant due to the construction and materials. As you will see, Nordic Ware offers a non-stick coating for your baking requirements. Thus, the springform pan is easy to clean and use, with no complications.

Additionally, your cheesecake, multi-covered cakes, desserts, and other sweets or salty food will instantly release, as they won't stick to the surface. Thus, the cakes will remain complete and in great shape even after you take them out.

Thanks to the tight seal, the Nordic Ware leakproof springform pan includes the best prevention of messy spills. Thus, your baking goods and other delicate cakes will remain intact, and you can quickly remove them from the bakeware.

But, what might be the drawback? The Nordic Ware 51842 bakeware is only a hand-wash safe and not dishwasher safe tool. So, you might use your time and energy to clean it up; but it won't take too long, as the cleaning up is instant and effortless due to the non-stick base and walls.

As the Nordic Ware 51842 springform pan consists of aluminum, the cheesecake baking pan will last for ample time, and you don't have to replace it quickly. Due to the proportions that measure 7.5 x 7.5 x 2.88 inches, the springform pan allows you to cook it into ovens and prepare your favorite cheesecake or other cakes instantly.

  • Sturdy
  • Non-stick coating
  • No leaking
  • Even heat
  • No foil needed
  • Tight seal
  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Minor design flaws

MASSUGAR Springform Pan Set - The Sturdiest

Finally, the last springform pan set stole our hearts due to both non-stick coating & construction, as well as leakproof design. Thus, you will get an all-in-one set and bake different cheesecakes - water bath-based cake, oven-based cake, no-bake cake, etc.

As the MASSUGAR springform set includes 4-inch, 7-inch, 9-inch 50-inch PCS parchment paper lines, you don't need additional grease or butter. This results in less fat.

Thanks to the BPA-free materials, including cast iron, the springform pan set is strong, durable, solid, and reliable enough to endure external and internal temperatures and pressure, remaining intact. The non-stick coating is also non-toxic; therefore, you can freely use the cake pan.

Due to the content, the MASSUGAR springform cake pan set is both oven and microwave-safe and works well with the highest temperatures. Also, the springform pan set is excellent for all 8Qts and 6Qts, as it preserves its possibilities and advantages. It only adds new, better ones.

Ideally, your desserts will come out as the springform pan set includes a tight seal that prevents leaking, and you won't create a mess. Also, the leak-proof pan contains a non-stick coating for the most straightforward release and cleanup process.

However, the MASSUGAR springform pan set is NOT for a dishwasher, and you should hand wash it. Use only mild detergents and soft tools, not to scratch the base.

The two-pieces springform pant set comes with a six-month warranty period for a money refund or replacement if you don't like it.

  • Durable
  • Even heat
  • Diameter
  • Easy release
  • Leaking issues

Tips & Tricks to Select the Best Springform Pan

Choosing the best springform pans might be pretty challenging, even though it seems pretty straightforward. But, stick with us for a bit longer, and find all exciting factors to select the best springform pans.

1. Why Do You Need Springform Pans?

best springform pan that doesn't leak

It's simple - to bake or cook your favorite desserts or other food quickly! These tools include removable sides that you could effortlessly slide up and remove the content inside evenly. Thus, there won't be any additional mess.

Best springform pans come with adjustable latches that you can tighten when they are in the proper place and seal the pans' bases. Once you unlatch them, the sides expand, and you can remove the content from the bottom.

2. What Are the Types of Springform Pans?

Best springform pans come in a wide variety of types and benefits, so check them below:

1. Non-stick Pans

These are the best springform pans, as they help you remove the content without leakage and sticking all over the pans.

Thus, even if the cakes' fillings cling to the pans' surfaces, you can remove them without any ruin.

2. Dark & Light Pans

This type of pans can affect your baking time and the result of the cooking recipe. That's why the light-colored pans tend to distribute heat better, helping you when you need too much time to finish the recipe.

However, dark-colored pans absorb heat, so they're perfect for cakes that need short baking time.

best springform pan made in usa

3. Glass-based Pans

A pan with a glass base and a glass bottom is a better choice since it doesn't leave a metallic taste.

A glass base or a glass bottom of a pan is easier to maintain, as it doesn't affect its quality while you cut the product on it. Thus, the glass base or glass bottom offers various possibilities.

4. Silicone Pans

These include maximum versatility and tend to be tighter models, so they are perfect for pudding with runny batter.

The pans are easy to remove, as you need to peel the sides away from the content inside.

3. Sizes & Shapes

You can find the proper pan in various sizes and shapes, including smaller, medium, and larger diameter shapes and sizes. You will see the rectangular, round, square, star, or even heart-shaped pan; however, the unusual conditions don't come with a glass pan.

Regarding sizes, the standard dimensions for a pan are nine or ten inches. Those of five or six inches are regarded as smaller versions. Concerning a smaller pan, it's perfect for two sets of sweets, as you can cut two smaller pieces of cake instead of one more significant part. Thus, you may easily split your recipe and find the best option for your baking needs.

4. How to Use a Pan?

best springform pan for cheesecake

As we previously described, the pan comes in two parts - the wide base and detachable sides connected with a latch for a tight seal. Once you seal the pan, use it regularly, and untie the sides after the baking process to set your dessert free.

When using a silicone pan, make sure you firmly wrap the ring around the base before using the ring to seal the bottom. Moreover, ensure that every side of the silicone ring clings appropriately to the bottom. If the pan doesn't leak, you did a great job! If it does, you need to start over.


Are springform cake pans well?

Definitely YES! They offer you the best removal of baking goods without leakage and ruining their qualities or shapes. Moreover, they provide even heat distribution, solid materials and last longer.

Of course, you can use them in ovens and microwaves for a more convenient baking process.

What do you use a springform pan for?

Since the pan is a versatile tool, you can use it for various cakes, such as cheesecakes, ice cream cakes, chocolate cakes, bread puddings, fruit tarts, frozen mocha tortes, and savory dishes.

These include chicken pot pies, garlic cheese bread, lasagnas, rigatoni pies, macaroni, etc.

best quality springform pan America's Test Kitchen

What is the best quality springform pan America's Test Kitchen?

The best quality pan is undoubtedly the Wilton brand - Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Springform Pan.

Thanks to its performance, design, durability, and sturdiness, the pan will provide only the best benefits and advantages; therefore, you can check its versatility and prepare your favorite delicates. Of course, we mustn't exclude the strong material and content so that the pan will serve you best!

Do all springform pans leak?

Of course NOT. As they include two parts - a flat base and a collar that opens and closes thanks to the tight latch connector. This design helps you release and move your cake from the pan effortlessly, without leakage.

To make sure you purchase the proper pan, you need to check its features and see whether it will leak in various conditions.

What size springform pan should I buy?

The best size is either nine inches or ten inches. You will have enough room in your ovens, and they will offer the proper advantages related to the size of the goods you bake.

Also, if you like deeper interests, you might select a 9-inch pan and get the ultimate baking experience with that one.

Final Words

And, here we are! What can we add? Nothing else, you're right.

Let us remind you that the best pan is our impressive Wilton Excelle Elite Non-Stick Springform Pan, thanks to various benefits and advantages, so check it out to find them all. The best springform pan will wow you, we promise!

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