Buying Tips for Best Jar Opener America’s Test Kitchen

In daily life, jars are popular to store manufactured foods and drinks. Due to this reason, jar lids are designed to be sturdy and consistent with the jars.

You can’t open the lids with your bare hand without breaking the jars. Thus, jar openers are your best solution.

This article will find buying tips to choose the best jar opener America’s test kitchen.


How to Choose the Best Jar Opener America’s Test Kitchen?

best jar opener america's test kitchen

To choose the best jar opener America’s test kitchen, we would divide the buying guides into the following categories.

1. Material

There are two types of materials used to make jar openers – stainless steel and plastic. So, which material should you choose? 

Stainless steel jar opener is very resistant to strong force and high pressure. Furthermore, it is easy to clean using the washing powder.

On the other hand, a plastic jar opener looks “weaker” and cheaper than the metal jar openers. Besides, the plastic material is easily destructured and loses its function caused by high temperature, water, and chemicals. 

Thus, if you look for a resistant jar opener, choose the metal one! 

2. Brand

Our recommendation is to buy a jar opener from a well-known brand. As you know, there are thousands of jar opener brands out there. Choosing a random brand puts you at high risk; for example, the jar opener can break after a short time of use. 

In contrast, well-known brands are qualified by quality, warranty, and good customer service. Famous brands often have positive feedback from customers, so please do pay attention to the reviews. 

3. Diameter Range

The diameter of the lid opener must fit the lid size. Thus, remember to check the opener’s diameter range before buying.

Generally, we can tell you that while the manual jar openers have a diameter range from 1 inch to 4 inches, automatic ones have wider ranges.

Instead of having several jar openers with different diameter sizes, choose the one with a wide diameter range.

4. The Review

One of the most important tips when buying any product is checking the reviews on the manufacturer’s website. Reading the comments from previous users, you can have an overall look at the products – both the pros and cons – and avoid buying fake products.

If the brand received mostly negative feedback, move on to another brand with a better reputation!

Contacting the manufacturer directly is also not a bad idea. It will help you have your questions about the products answered detailedly and straightforwardly. To do so, you should go to their official website to get their contact information.

And last but not least, cross-check different websites at the same time instead of focusing on only one brand. You should choose the one with the majority review that is positive!

5. Automatic and Manual

best jar opener america's test kitchen

There are many brands of jar openers for customers to choose from. Although they vary in size, style, and color, jar openers are typically divided into automatic and manual.

The automatic one is more modern and expensive than the manual one. You don’t have to exert a strong force to open the lid with an automatic jar opener.

Therefore, if you have weak hands that can’t produce enough force, an automatic lid opener is a perfect option. And don’t forget to renew its battery once in a while.

A manual lid opener is more traditional, which requires manual pressure to open the lids. Many people still choose manual lid openers for their kitchen due to its low price and easy-to-use function.

6. Price

How to buy a good jar opener at a good price? An expensive jar opener is not always as good as it looks. Thus, to get the best jar opener, you should pay a visit to different brands and compare their prices and the products’ functions.

Let’s choose the jar opener that fits your budget and purpose.

Top 5 Most Recommended Jar Opener

Among many types of jar openers, have a look at the top 5 most recommended names below. They won’t disappoint you for sure!

  • EZ Off Jar Opener
  • Kuhn Rikon Jar Opener
  • Swing-A-Way Jar Opener
  • OXO 1173600 Jar Opener
  • Kichwit Jar Opener

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, when buying a jar opener, some of you may focus on its look, others may focus on its function to bring to their kitchen life.

But, if you follow all the tips above, choosing the best jar opener America’s test kitchen will become simpler than you ever thought.

Good luck!

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  1. Is any of those jar openers electric? Had electric blacker and decker for years it broke. Ordered another one it lasted about three weeks broke but black and decker customer service sucks. No one could or would help. Just wondered if one of your brands are electric good for seniors?


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