What Is the Best Jar Opener America’s Test Kitchen of 2021? (Top 5 Picks)

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Be honest, how long has that jar of olives been in your fridge just because you cannot open it? It's no shame in admitting that these things take a lot of force sometimes, and there are situations when you can't use your physical strength at all.

For this reason, you will need to check out this handy kitchen gadget that will make your life a whole lot easier! Meet the best jar opener America's Test Kitchen! We have prepared a lengthy review of the top five models that will surely amaze you as they are quality, durable, and, most of all-budget-friendly! So, prepare yourself a cup of coffee, and let's get started.


Top 3 Recommendations

Best Jar Opener America's Test Kitchen 2021: My Top 5 Favorites!

EZ Off Jar Opener - Best Pick

There is no better pick than the EZ Off jar opener tool when it comes to best jar openers. This one does not require tricky installation, but it offers you ease of use in every situation. Let's check it to find out why exactly it is our best pick.

This jar opener works with any lids, no matter their dimension. Yes, you heard that correctly. You can open water bottles, nail polishes, canned goods; you name it! The EZ has you covered!

As for the installation, it could not get any easier. You will receive three screws you should install after peeling the adhesive tape on the top. It's a perfect jar opener for those who have arthritis, weak hands, children, or kitchen workers with busy hands all day long.

One of our favorite qualities is how sneaky this jar opener is! It's somewhat smaller and practically invisible once you install it so that it won't interfere with your kitchen decor. Plus, you can install the EZ Off jar opener under the cabinet, counter, rack, or other convenient location.

It features a V-grip that allows you to open lids without using much force. Once you assemble the tool, make sure to straighten the grip in the direction it suits you.

All in all, you will be impressed by the ease of installation and the quality of this tool!

  • Affordable
  • Easy to install
  • Hides nicely under cabinet
  • Suitable to those with weak hands
  • May damage plastic lids

Kichwit Jar Opener Stainless Steel - Runner Up

This stainless steel jar oper offers one of the best quality designs we have ever seen! It's long-lasting and durable, thanks to its rust-resistant qualities and a solid plastic handle. It works both on plastic and metal lids so that it won't damage any of these types.

The Kichwit offers a convenient and lightweight design of only 4.4 ounces. It's easy to take on a vacation or an outdoor party when you encounter a vacuum-sealed lid. The opener is easy to store in any kitchen cabinet area without taking too much space.

On the top, you will find a hard white handle that is both durable and ergonomic, so it fits on all hands by offering a firm grip.

The Kichwit jar opener uses a ratchet-style mechanism that has an excellent grip on any of the jar lids. Those with unstable clasps, joint inflammation, or dexterity can just as easily use this jar opener without using excessive force.

All you should do is adjust the clamp to the maximum length and place the opener on the jar lid. Twist it in the desired direction, and you will see just how effortlessly this jar opener works.

The Kichwit jar opener includes a lifetime service warranty so you can have a sound mind! It also includes a free bottle opener you can use as a keychain!

  • Affordable price
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Sturdy built
  • Multi-functional
  • Requires little effort
  • Includes a free bottle opener
  • A bit flimsy

OXO Good Grips Jar Opener - Best Manual Opener

The Oxo is yet another top-rated jar opener on the market you need to try out! This jar opener is made out of stainless steel and is super durable for long-term use like our previous pick! This is about to become your favorite kitchen gadget if you stick around to hear the full review!

The OXO jar opener has a sharp stainless steel row of teeth that firmly grip the top without damaging it. However, this particular manual opener works only on lids that are 3.5'' in diameter, so it's not a multi-functional tool. But, for those with a similar top collection, it will work like a charm.

We love the most about this OXO jar opener because it includes a non-slip pad you can place under the jar. It can minimize the force you use upon opening caps of all sorts of materials.

You only need to secure the grip on the lid and turn the manual opener counter-clockwise to loosen it. A feature worth mentioning is that this tool does not only work when you need to open jars, but it also can help you tighten them better. It offers a better vacuum-sealed operation with minimal effort!

The Oxo opener is also quite budget-friendly when we compare the high quality and the performance of this impressive tool.

  • Affordable price
  • Minimizes effort
  • Suitable for tightening
  • Various opening functions
  • Space-saving design
  • Not compatible with all types of jars
  • No warranty

KUHN RIKON Strain-Free Gripper Opener - Best for Vacuum-Seal

The classic Kuhn Rikon jar opener is designed to assist you in opening all the stubborn lids and bottle caps! If you wish for a simple, manual opener with specific features, then this is the perfect pick for you. Here is what you should know about it.

This Kuhn Rikon jars opener will offer the best sturdy grip on any lids, for starters. It has been tested on both plastic and metal ones, so it has your back in all kinds of situations. The opener grips on the lid with its three sets of steel teeth that you can attach with a simple clockwise twist. To release, you should twist in the opposite direction, simple as that!

With the adjustable mechanism, you could get the twisting operation on multiple lid sizes. Therefore, the opener can work on both a 1'' bottle cap and a 3.5 inches diameter jar lid. Not only can you open that jar of olives that have been sitting in your fridge for a while, but you can also get this Kuhn Rikon opener to work on child medicine bottles, canned fruit, and similar food!

The long-handle design will offer you better leverage over tricky jars and bottles, especially those that are vacuum-sealed. The gadget is also easy to clean and store away as it's pretty compact in dimensions.

  • Affordable price
  • Works on various shapes and diameter sizes
  • Sturdy grip
  • Suitable for vacuum-seal food items
  • Long-handle design
  • Requires a bit more force and effort

Besmon Electric Jar Opener - Best Automatic Jar Opener

This electric jar opener is everything you need if you lack force!

This is our ultimate pick for those who suffer from arthritis, dexterity, or general weakness. It's time we reveal what this excellent automatic jar opener has to offer.

In our buyer's guide, you will see that we stress the importance of electric models as they are the best jar opener tools for seniors or those struggling to use force. The Besmon opener includes a built-in magnet that ensures the lid stays in the opener without hurting your hands.

With it, you can open jars and bottles that vary in size and diameter as it won't damage them. There is no twisting, no pulling, or forceful action you need to take to open jar lids! That is why we value this opener so much!

That being said, this is one of the best energy-efficient kitchen tools that won't get you sweating over a stubborn lid.

It's also straightforward to use as you only need to push one button to get the action started. The Besmon automatic jar opener offers a mess-free operation with the help of the magnet that holds the jar in place.

However, it's recommended you don't use this Besmon opener on plastic lids since the magnet won't stick to them, and the force of the opener may break them.

  • Affordable price
  • Includes a built-in magnet
  • Sturdy grip
  • Durable use
  • It does not require effort
  • Great for vacuum-seal food items
  • It cannot be used on plastic

Typers of Jar Openers

1. Electric Jar Openers

If you have arthritis or weak hands, electric jar openers are the best choice for you! They can be battery-powered or plugged in, and it only takes a push of a button to open a jar!

Battery-powered openers are excellent for metal lids but not so much for plastic ones. It will take around 30 seconds to open a jar but can be a bit noisy.

On the other hand, you can cord high-quality models and work perfectly, but they have one downside. These can be highly pricy but highly effective.

best jar opener america's test kitchen

2. Under-Cabinet Jar Openers

This is another handy jar opener model that benefits a lot of people. It allows you to take the lid off without using too much strength easily. These ones are relatively cheap and easy to install. The only problem some users find is that you have to screw them on the cabinet. This can be a problem if you are renting an apartment or do not want to damage the state of the cabinet.

Our favorite model for this type would have to be the EZ Off Jar Opener, as it has two rows of metal teeth that can firmly grab on the lids and caps.

3. Manual Jar Openers

These ones are budget-friendly options that it's both durable and high-quality. However, not everyone can use them. Those with weaker hands will struggle to get the hang of a manual jar opener.

But, its construction is similar to an under-cabinet jar opener. It also features teeth that can grab on plastic, metal, or bottle tops. Not only are they multi-functional, but you can also take them along on holiday and never face the problem of jar opening again!

Construction Material

best jar opener for arthritis

Wheater you are purchasing manual or electric jars openers, you need to look out for materials if you want the device to last you for more than just a couple of months.

Our choice would always fall to metal or stainless steel materials. These ones are durable, rust-resistant, and will serve you for a long time.

But, don't underestimate plastic openers are well. Like metal ones, these models are rust-resistant and resistant.

Always make sure to check out the customer comments on the product you wish to purchase. These can assist you in determining whether the tool is worth the purchase or not.


Do jar openers work?

Yes, jar openers do work! They are a fantastic tool for the with weak hands and those who encountered a tricky vacuum-sealed jar.

There are different types of jar openers ranging from electric to under-cabinet installations. If you have arthritis, jar openers are a god's sent for you!

best jar opener wirecutter

What is the easiest way to open a jar?

By now, we all know that jar openers do, in fact, work. But, how do you open jars with a stubborn lid if you don't have a jar opener nearby?

First, wipe down the lid to secure your grip. Next, take a butter knife and wedge it between the rim of the top and the jar. Please give it a little push to insert air into the seal and loosen up the lid. This method has proved to be the most effective if done all around the top!

You can also try putting the jar under hot water for a few seconds or use a hairdryer as a heat source.

What is the best jar opener for seniors?

The best jar opener for seniors is the EZ Off Jar Opener or the Besmon Electric Jar Opener. The first one is easily installed under the cabinet, counter, or table. It has heavy-duty teeth that grab on the jars with ease and allows you to open them with minimal effort.

But, if you would like to use no force at all, then the electric jar opener by Besmon is the top pick for you. All you need to do is secure it on the jar and push a button. There is no twisting or twirling required; the opener does the job for you.

best jar opener for seniors

What is the best jar opener for people with arthritis?

The best jar opener for arthritis is the Besmon Electric Jar Opener. This will become your favorite kitchen device as it requires no effort or physical strain to open a stubborn lid. By pressing the top button, the opener will do the job for you.

It includes a built-in magnet on the top that grabs the lid without making a mess all over the kitchen.

Final Words

You have read everything you need to know on the best jar opener America's Test Kitchen! It's time for you to choose your favorite, but as for us, the ultimate winner is the EZ Off Jar Opener. This one won't cost you a lot, but it sure will help you in the long run when it comes to that stubborn jar you encounter once in a while.

Its high-quality and durable construction will make this one of the best kitchen gadgets investment of the year!

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