How To Pick The Best Slow Cooker America’s Test Kitchen?

As an avid cook, you have always dreamt about having the best slow cooker America’s Test Kitchen in your home. But you are struggling to know how to choose this kind of kitchen gadget wisely?

Let’s check out our article.


How to Choose the Best Slow Cooker America’s Test Kitchen?

best slow cooker recipes americas test kitchen

1. Size and Shape

Typically, this type of kitchen device has a round or oval shape. This feature must do with the user’s individual favorite, leading it hard to pick the best appliance.

Nevertheless, bear in mind that brisket, chickens, or even ribs will fit better in a round-shaped slow cooker or oval- figured one. And if beans or some vegetables are your main ingredients, you don’t need to care about the cooker’s shape a lot.

Besides, the size of your cupboard or cabinet is also a crucial factor to consider when choosing the shape of slow cookers.

There are three main shapes available of basic slow cookers – rectangular, oval, and round slow cookers. In addition, we also focus on the size of these slow cookers. Actually, these kinds of best slow cookers have various size choices from ½ – 8 quart.

2. Cover Material

Due to the safety and the quality of your dishes, it isn’t convenient to open the cooker’s cover when these devices are working. Thus, it truly is wise to select a glass lid, permitting you to see anything that will happen inside your cooker; even you don’t need to touch or put the cover off.

3. Crock Construction

We are going to give you two main popular choices of crock construction for slow cookers, namely ceramic and porcelain. We also can consider other selections containing meta crocks. Another great factor is its detachable form for struggle-free washing. Other versions with heating temperature sections and crocks are hard to clean.

4. Mode of Heating

best slow cooker recipes americas test kitchen

The best slow cookers America’s test kitchen is prone to own a bottom snugly surrounded by the detachable insert. In several samples, the heating components are put on the unit’s base, when others are only on the side of the bottom. Moreover, the formal configuration is estimated to give out less heating temperature compared with the latter.

Besides, we have some versions accompanied by crock sitting put on the warming temperature section’s top. With this kind of design, you ought not to anticipate even delivery of heat, which indicates you may need to mix foods to keep away from scorching. This meets the aim of the purpose of boasting on these types of slow cookers.

Note For You

When you use slow cookers, you need to care about how to keep food safe by cooking these products after you own one.

#1. You Should Choose the High or Low Heat Setting to Cook Food

There is a truth that with slow cookers, you should use the low or the high heat setting to cook. It is ideal for both your food and slow cooker if the low temperature is used during the whole time, and doesn’t utilize the warm temperature for cooking food with slow cookers. 

It means in the first step, you can set the device at the highest setting, then you gradually drop the temperature following your receipt.

#2. Remember That You Need to Defrost or Thaw Your Food (Like Meat, Fish, Etc.) Before Placing It Into Your Slow Cooker

Because frozen food will not get cooked easily, cooking these raw foods does not thaw completely, resulting in them becoming certain foodborne with some internal poisonous substance.

#3. The Proper Slot of Vegetables Is Near the Sides or on the Bottom of These Slow Cookers

best slow cooker ribs america's test kitchen

You need to place these kinds of food near the heat because they take a lot of time to be cooked.

#4. The Lid Should Be Put in Place

Every time you raise the lid of your slow cooker, which means that you are prolonging your cooking more around 30 minutes because this action makes the inside temperature of your slow cookers fall 10-15 degrees.


We wrote these tips to help you make a good decision to choose the best slow cooker America’s Test Kitchen in the best way possible. Therefore, depending on each different individual’s purposes, hobbies, or character, you could take a look at our blog to have your knowledge about how to own the best slow cooker.

We hope that from now on, you will be more confident to purchase appliances for your kitchen.

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