Best Steak Knives America’s Test Kitchen Money Can Buy: Top 5 Picks 2021

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Making a good dinner party requires much of your time and effort because you want everything to be perfect. However, when it comes to cutting meat, a dull knife can be your worst enemy. How to change that?

It's simple - select the best steak knives America's Test Kitchen 2021! The better the steak knives, the better the cooking experience and food taste. But, how to find the best steak knives? Well, leave that to us, and read below.


Top 3 Recommendations

Best Steak Knives America's Test Kitchen 2021: Choose Your Fighter!

SKY LIGHT Steak Knives - Best Quality

We love these SKY LIGHT stainless steel steak knives, thanks to their design. As you will see, the steak knife set of 4 comes with straight, non-serrated edge blades, so the steak knives allow you to cut meat, steaks, and other food without ridges. Moreover, the upward curved blade tip assists when separating meat from bones effortlessly.

You might also notice stainless steel design, which ensures the steak knife set provides maximum durability, stain resistance, sharpness, and corrosion resistance. Additionally, the set of SKY LIGHT steak knives is precisely forged and hand-polished for ultimate quality and performance.

To cut non-sticky and neatly, the non-serrated blade comes with a straight and peak sharp edge, which is perfect for minimal cutting. Thus, your steak dinner will be delicious!

As the set of steak knives contains an ergonomic design, the non-serrated knives with a straight edge are comfortable holding and offering better control. The stainless steel steak knives include ABS handles with ebony wood touch, triple-riveted construction, and a protective bolster guard. You can wash the set of 4 steak knives easily, as they are dishwasher-safe and ready for instant use.

Of course, if you select this stainless steel set of 4 steak knives, the purchase will be a risk-free one, as the producer offers a one-year warranty period and a 30-day money refund period. So, try the best steak knives and see the advantages. We promise you won't regret them!

  • Non-serrated edges
  • Rust-resistant
  • Smooth-edged knives
  • Sharp blades
  • Stainless steel construction
  • Negligible design flaws

Emojoy Steak Knife Set - Best Performance

Cutting performance has never been better with these America's Test Kitchen steak knives! How so?

Firstly, the good steak knife set includes sophisticated craftsmanship, stunning design elements, premium-quality edge technology, and the best content. Thus, you can finish the cutting tasks effortlessly and in no time.

Additionally, the German steak knife set of eight knives is impressively sharp, full of high carbon German stainless steel, precisely heat-treated, and hand-sharpened with 16 to 18 degrees per edge side. Thus, the Emojoy steak knife set provides supreme cutting options and maximally sharp blades.

Another great plus is the rock-hollow dimples that ensure meta falls off the blade. Thanks to the five-inch razor-high carbon steel blades, you can cut food perfectly and accurately. The same goes when you want to separate meat and steaks from bones.

Due to the Pakkawood ergonomic design, the steak knife set is comfortable holding and gripping, stressing tolerance, reducing pressure, and maximizing durability. Also, the German Pakkawood steak knife handles come with the traditional polymer for industrial strength.

But, the rust-resistant German steak knife set America's Test Kitchen recommends is only hand-cleaning safe and sensitive to dishwashing, so avoid dishwashers. If you have additional questions and issues, call customer support anytime.

So, what do you think? Do you like our tested steak knives? If you do, hurry up and purchase them now. They won't disappoint you.

  • High carbon steel construction
  • Sharp blade
  • Serrated edge
  • Stainless steel design
  • Rust-resistant
  • /

HENCKELS J.A. Henckels International Steak Knife Set - Best Design

We adore the stainless steel steak knives due to their construction. Everything consists of stainless steel, including edges, blades, and handles, for ultimate durability and sturdiness. Hence, the best steak knives are long-lasting, rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and will serve you well for an extended period.

Speaking of construction, it's a single-piece one with a full tang; therefore, it will provide maximum quality and slicing benefits and a classic appearance, but effective and serious cutting performance.

Furthermore, the HENCKELS steak knives include a jagged, straight edge with maximum sharpness so that you won't have to sharpen blades and edges at all. Even after some period, the stainless steel blades and edges will be sharp and accurate enough to finish your cutting and slicing tasks effortlessly and quickly.

You won't have to bother about the HENCKELS steak knife set at all, as the steak knives are dishwasher-safe; therefore, they will save both your energy and time and offer the most straightforward clean-up after you use them. So, you will enjoy your dinner time!

Finally, the crucial benefit to mention is a lifetime warranty period. Although the construction - handles, blades and edges are indestructible; you can content customer support if you eventually dislike the best steak knife set; however, we highly doubt it.

Thus, you shouldn't hesitate any more and obtain the best steak knife seat America's Test Kitchen includes in their selection. The steak knives won't let you down, trust us.

  • Full tang construction
  • Sharpness
  • A single-piece design
  • Rust-resistant
  • Premium high carbon steel
  • Quality issues

Home Hero Steak Knives Set of 8 - Best Versatility

Why are the following steak knives so unique? Read below to find out!

As you might notice, the best steak knives come with fully jagged blades, straight and sharp, to cut effortlessly and directly through the meat. With a non-stick coating, durable, the meat won't stick to the blades and edges and won't lose any of its quality or taste.

Additionally, the Home Hero steak knives come dishwasher-safe, unlike knives made of cheap material. Thus, you can easily clean them up, keep the blades flawless and sharp to use instantly. Besides, the steak knives include stainless steel design that will last for an extended period and offer maximum benefits. They're also rust-resistant.

Contrary to knives made of cheap content, this Home Hero steak knife set of eight knives comes with premium-quality materials and an ergonomic polypropylene handle - comfortable to hold, offering a better grip control, and protective coating to adjust to your hands. Thus, the best steak knives will adapt to your slicing needs.

Another excellent benefit is the warranty period. Although the rust-resistant steak knife set includes premium quality content that will last for a lifetime, you can still contact customer support for extra dilemmas and questions. You could replace the products with other forged steak knife sets or get a full monetary refund.

The best steak knives only show positive benefits. So, it would be best if you chose them, as we tested and proved them as the most advanced options in the market.

  • Price
  • Durable
  • Sharp blade and edge
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Design issues

Amazon Basics Premium 8-Piece Kitchen Steak Knife Set - Best Durability

And last but not least, steak knives for your kitchen needs will WOW you!

The Amazon Basics steak knife set won our hearts as it provides a stainless steel design with triple-riveted handles. Of course, the handles include an ergonomic design; therefore, they will reduce fatigue and pain, increase the comfortable grip and improve control.

You don't have to sharpen the blades or edges, as they're already sharpened, with micro-jagged edges. Thus, when cutting or slicing your favorite food, the edge and blade will go through smoothly and straightforwardly, without any problems. Therefore, you will preserve food quality and taste.

Additionally, the forged Amazon Basics steak knives include a one-piece, forged design per knife, full of stain-resistant steel, and best performance. Thus, the steak knife set consists of fantastic durability and sturdiness and will remain intact.

Regarding their design, the best steak knives also provide a full tang construction for optimal balance and weight, along with a full bolster; therefore, the forged knives won't create extra problems or issues when using them.

But, the main heck might be their sensitivity to dishwashers. Thus, you need to hand-wash the blade, edge, and handle to help them remain straight when in use. Otherwise, the kitchen knives might lose their quality.

However, the producer offers a lifetime warranty period, so you can easily replace the knives or get a money refund if you're not satisfied.

  • Comfortable to hold and operate
  • Sharp edge
  • Sharp blade
  • Safety test
  • One-piece construction
  • Quality and design flaws

Best Steak Knives America's Test Kitchen - Buyer's Guide

Although it may seem effortless and quick, choosing the best steak knives America's Test Kitchen recommends can be pretty tough. You need to determine and follow various factors, but stay tuned and find the best solution!

1. What Are the Benefits?

best steak knives america's test kitchen

The main benefit of steak knife sets is that they help you prepare your steaks, meat, and other food easily for classic meals and more extraordinary gatherings. Knives are must-have elements in every kitchen, and they make a large part of a table decoration as well. Also, the best knives for steaks retain the quality, shape, and taste of the food you prepare without losing the juiciness.

2. Types of Steak Knives

Not all knives are the same. Thus, you will come across:

  • Straight edge - these knives permit you clean and smooth slicing and cutting without tearing. Although you need to sharpen them, unlike those with a jagged edge, it won't be too tough to do so.
  • Serrated edge - a classic type of knives, helping you to cut through roasts and crusts since the knives tear through the fibers with ease.
  • Hollow edge - these knives create an air pocket between the slice and the open edge. Thus, food won't stick to the table, and you can effortlessly slice the parts you need.

3. Crucial Factors


A good steak knife includes quality of materials, such as a carbon steel blade, ceramic blade, stainless steel blade, as they will provide serious results and last for an extended period.

You need to test them and see their benefits; otherwise, you will buy the cheap blade knife and end up replacing it over and over again.


Of course, the construction and design must be premium quality ones, with maximum functions and benefits, to last longer and be indestructible.

However, you want to add more style & elegance to your kitchen, so look or those that are pompous in appearance and style too, to speak conversation.

best steak knives on amazon


It's crucial to find a sharp blade with good edge retention to avoid sharpening.

The knives must be robust and resilient for more extended use too. So, look for full tang blades as they provide maximum durability and safety for knives.


As you want knives that are easy to moderate and manage, you must choose those with ergonomic designs. You will minimize pressure and prevent pins in your hands. Plus, you want better control, a safe and secure grip, and avoidance of severe injuries.

Hence, it would be best if you selected stainless steel, pakkawood, or plastic handles for better results.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the ultimate quality steak knives?

The best quality steak knives are SKY LIGHT Steak Knives, thanks to their design system technology and other advantages. They're of premium quality, maximally sharp, with rust and corrosion resistance, and fantastic durability and sturdiness.

Of course, the carbon steel material makes them indestructible, so consider them freely.

Which is better, serrated or straight blade steak knife?

best steak knives wirecutter

The choice depends on personal preferences. Many believe that serrated blades offer better sharpness; however, that's not the case. They're also much more troublesome to sharpen and require an expert to maintain the edge.

Contrary to them, the straight blade cuts directly through meat and fibers, not leaving any parts out like their counterparts. You will get more cleaner and smooth cuts. But, it would be best if you sharpen them often.

Are serrated steak knives better?

They are better for cutting straight down through the steaks and other crust food. They're also more versatile, and you can use them for thick rind fruits and artisan bread.

However, they're challenging to sharpen by yourself.

What is the best steel for steak knives?

best steak knives set

You can select either stainless steel or carbon steel since both materials will last longer and offer you the best performance and cutting options.

Also, they will be intact no matter how often you use them. They will preserve the food's quality and taste, and you can wash them quickly.

Can you sharpen a serrated steak knife?

Firstly, point the edge of the blade away from your body. Next, place the ceramic sharpening rod in the serration, and try to match the slope's angle as precisely as you can. Finally, once you set everything correctly, draw the sharpening rod gently and slowly through the serration.

Once you completed the whole process, you can start cutting the food and see how successful you were.

Final Words

And, here we are! Is anything left unclear? We don't think so. So, let's see what we have learned once again.

The best steak knives America's Test Kitchen presents are the impressive SKY LIGHT Steak Knives, as they offer multiple benefits and advantages for your kitchen needs. They deliver quality, performance, design, and durability to match your kitchen requirements and provide a rich and stylish look for your dinner parties.

So, don't waste your time anymore & purchase the set of 4 knives now! Please, let us know when you do so for the ultimate kitchen experience!

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