Everything You Need To Know: Kamado Joe Vs Big Green Egg

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Ceramic grills are an innovation when it comes to cooking, as they offer a safer and more efficient approach when you have a barbecue.

If you are interested in purchasing such a grill, why not have a look at our comparison between the two “big guys”: Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg.

These two brands are the favorite among BBQ-lovers, and we are more than excited to help you pick out your best choice!


A Comparison: Kamado Joe vs. Big Green Egg

1. Price

  • Kamado Joe: Since Kamado Joe products are available on different online shopping platforms like Amazon or eBay, the prices are not consistent. However, the average price range of a large Kamado Joe ceramic grill is from $1200 - $1300.
  • Big Green Egg: This brand is sold via a third party, so the prices also fluctuate. But at $900, you can get a quality ceramic grill for your family use. If you are running a restaurant, you may want to consider a bigger grill with a cost of approximately $2000.
kamado joe vs big green egg cost

2. Delivery Service

For a heavy item like a ceramic grill, it is of great importance that your package is properly sealed and shipped. Let’s have a look at how these two products are delivered to your door.

  • Kamado Joe: The manufacturers deliver their grill in a specialized box designed to withstand the weight of their product. There are two wooden covers combining with the thick cardboard on the top and at the bottom of the box to prevent cracking.

    Another bonus is that there is no shipping fee involved. All you need to pay for is the price of the grill itself.

  • Big Green Egg: While their grill is packed similarly as the "red guy", the shipping box does not come with thick cardboard. Moreover, users have to pay extra money for delivery, which can be off-putting to some.

3. Setup

  • Kamado Joe is surprisingly easy to assemble. It will take an amateur roughly 30 minutes to finish the setup.

  • Big Green Egg is more complicated compared to its “red” counterpart. Most customers comment that the assembly takes around one hour or two. But with a surcharge of approximately $50, the dealers can do the setup for you.

4. Cooking Performance

kamado grill vs big green egg reviews

In this category, we would say that there is little difference between the two brands. Both products have a perfect thermometer system, which means you have total control when grilling.

On a side note, these two gadgets allow users to perform a wide range of cooking methods. Whether you want to slow roast your meat, or bake sausages, they can handle it all!

5. Cleaning

A ceramic grill burns charcoal to heat, leaving behind ash to be cleaned. So how do the two brands design their ash removal system?

  • Kamado Joe prides itself on the removable ash drawer, which collects the ash for easier clean-up. After emptying the casket, you just need to put it back right under the grill plates. No other cleaning accessories are required here.

  • Big Green Egg has a less innovative approach to ash removal. It takes an ash rake and a heat-resistant ashtray to collect what is left after the BBQ party. If the ashtray is misplaced, the area surrounding the grill will get dirty. Ouch!

6. Top Air Vent

  • Kamado Joe makes use of aluminum to create a rust-resistant top air vent. This type of construction allows for lower airflow and limited open space. But still, the advantage of this grill’s upper vent is its durability.

  • Big Green Egg relies on a more common material - cast iron - to craft its air vent. This top air vent has better regulation of airflow, but there is one drawback! Once the lid is opened, it will cause the air vent to change the location as well. Thus, you will need to adjust the vent again. Pretty inconvenient, right?

7. Hinge

The hinge is a support mechanism, which is only present in some ceramic grills. In fact, Kamado Joe is one of the rare brands priding themselves on developing a hinge.

  • Kamado Joe: For a heavy object like the lid of the ceramic grill, a hinge is a life-saver. It is reported that the hinge mechanism reduces 95% of the lid’s weight. Thus, any movement you make with your grill is easier and safer. With one finger only, you can easily lift the lid off without worrying about dropping such a cumbersome item.

  • Big Green Egg cannot compare with its competitor in this category, as it has no hinge attached. Once you take your hands off an opening lid, it will fall off immediately. Such a sudden movement may cause the ceramic surface to crack. If there are children around, things may become more dangerous because a lid can inflict serious injuries on fingers.

8. Cooking Grates

  • Our “red guy” installs a dual rack system in each of its ceramic grills. This allows for easier adjustments when you need to change the height of the rack. Also, each Kamado Joe grill features a pick-up tool, so that you can flip the burning grate with ease.

  • The “green guy” has failed its customers once again. The grill comes with one fixed grate, so you cannot move the rack up and down. At best, you can only lower the grate by 2 inches, which makes little difference.

9. Side Shelves

  • Kamado Joe makes use of a pair of plastic side shelves. On the one hand, plastic is a sturdy material, and it is more immune to weather changes, rust, and dirt. But still, plastic shelves may look cheap and unattractive to the majority of customers.

  • Big Green Egg has better side shelves. Made from wood, these shelves are flexible enough to be folded after a cooking session. Everything from the anti-slip glaze to the polish surface breathes of convenience.

10. Wheels

  • Kamado Joe products feature smaller wheels compared to its competitor. But they make it up by providing metal locks to secure the grill in one place better.

  • Big Green Egg has larger wheels, so it is easier for you to move their grill around. However, these wheels come with plastic locks, which are less durable.

11. Warranty

Both Kamado Joe and Big Green Egg share a similar warranty policy. You can get life-long insurance with the ceramic plate, apart from the metal accessories.

Kamado Joe vs Big Green Egg: Which Brand Will You Choose?

In the end, we would say that a Kamado Joe Grill will be a better choice for you.

Yes, it costs more than a Big Green Egg, but it will be a worthwhile investment in the long run. That is not to mention other innovative features added by the manufacturers, which makes grilling much easier for you.

Kamado Joe® Classic Joe™ I Premium 18-inch Ceramic Charcoal Grill and Smoker in Red with Cart,...*
  • Divide and Conquer Flexible Cooking System transforms the humble grill grate into the most powerful cooking tool in your arsenal. The revolutionary multi-level, half-moon design frees you to cook...
  • Control Tower Top Vent lets you control air flow for precise temperature control. Perfect for smoking from 225F all the way to searing at 750F.
  • With a slide-out drawer, cleanup is easy. Unlike other Kamado style grills, you no longer must remove the inside components from the grill to clean out the ashes. Simply remove the Patented Ash...
  • Stainless Steel Cooking Grates
  • Built-in Thermometer

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