The Best Grill Cleaner for 2021 BBQs

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It’s hot this summer. The sun is up, and the grills are out. We’ll all be having a lot of BBQs this year now that those cold winter months are finally over! The more you use your grill, however, the more you’ll need to clean it.

So, we’ve found the best grill cleaners out there to give you the best value, and best quality possible. Don’t stop having BBQs because your grill isn’t clean!

Read on to decide on the best grill cleaner for you and your grill.


Top 3 Recommendations

So, which are the best grill cleaners out there? How do you choose them? If you need answers, and fast, we’ve got you covered. We’ve selected the top grill cleaners for 2021.

Editor's Choices
Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit with Premium Microfiber Cloth - Polish, Sink Cleaner, Grill...*
CARON & DOUCET - Cast Iron Cleaning & Conditioning Set: Seasoning Oil & Cleaning Soap | 100%...*
Best Selling
SuperClean Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Spray, Biodegradable, Full Concentrate, Scent...*
Active Ingredient
Coconut Oil
Highly Refined Coconut Oil
Best at Cleaning
Stainless Steel
Cast Iron
Outdoor Equipment
Best Feature
Free Microfiber Cloth
Seasons Food and Protects Surfaces
Works on Multiple Surfaces
Customer Rating's
Editor's Choices
Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit with Premium Microfiber Cloth - Polish, Sink Cleaner, Grill...*
Active Ingredient
Coconut Oil
Best at Cleaning
Stainless Steel
Best Feature
Free Microfiber Cloth
Customer Rating's
CARON & DOUCET - Cast Iron Cleaning & Conditioning Set: Seasoning Oil & Cleaning Soap | 100%...*
Active Ingredient
Highly Refined Coconut Oil
Best at Cleaning
Cast Iron
Best Feature
Seasons Food and Protects Surfaces
Customer Rating's
Best Selling
SuperClean Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Spray, Biodegradable, Full Concentrate, Scent...*
Active Ingredient
Best at Cleaning
Outdoor Equipment
Best Feature
Works on Multiple Surfaces
Customer Rating's

The 8 Best Grill Cleaners for a 2021 BBQ

Therapy Premium Stainless Steel Cleaner & Polish – Best At Leaving a Shine

Therapy Premium should leave a shine on all of your surfaces. It uses natural ingredients, so it’s safe to use and to cook on afterward. Also, these ingredients mean that it gives you ultimate protection when it comes to cleaning outside.

You should be able to use it to lift off any grease, fingerprints, and smudges that have been left on any of your stainless steel surfaces. You’ll also be able to clean your grill while it’s turned off, saving you time and money.

The free microfiber cloth it comes with makes it easier to use. Simply spray and wipe down your surfaces.

A drawback is a fact that it’s useful on any stainless steel surface, meaning that you may want to use it on your refrigerator, microwave, oven, etc. This means that it’ll run out faster and have to be replaced more often than another spray.

However, if you like the results which Therapy Premium gives you, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem buying more.

  • Great with Stainless Steel
  • Leaves surfaces glistening
  • Safe, natural ingredients
  • Comes with a free microfiber cloth
  • Multi-purpose so will run out faster
  • Doesn’t clean all surfaces

Caron Doucet - Cast Iron Care Bundle – Best Cast Iron Cleaner

Caron Doucet offers something a little different. This product is a pair of oils that you can use to clean all of your cast iron cooking surfaces. If you’re looking for a cast iron cleaner, then Caron Doucet is an option you need to consider seriously.

The ingredients are entirely natural, and help with protecting cast iron surfaces the more you use them. This protective layer may also add seasoning to your food, adding to the taste and impressing your guests.

A distinct drawback is that it’s made to clean cast-iron surfaces, so if you don’t have a cast iron grill, this may not be the one for you. Also, as it’s oil, it’s quite pricey to replace and may run out quickly in this case.

But it’s definitely worth the price! The results do speak for themselves, however. So, this might be an option to consider if looking around for a cast-iron grill cleaner.

  • Doesn’t need to be refrigerated
  • Non-toxic, 100% natural
  • Helps season food
  • Protective qualities
  • Oil, meaning it may be messier
  • Only cleans cast iron
  • May run out quickly
  • Expensive to replace

SuperClean Multi-Surface All Purpose Cleaner Degreaser Spray – Best Odorless Cleaner and Degreaser

SuperClean may be highly effective at treating and cleaning grills, but again, it’s not explicitly designed for them.

Caron Doucet has a slight edge over SuperClean as they work in different ways. However, SuperClean is odorless and so, depending on when you’re doing your cleaning, it might be a good idea to use this.

If you want to clean your grill just before your guests arrive, or if they’re already there, you may wish to use an odorless spray. You may not want to put your guests off their food!

SuperClean may be multi-purpose, also, but it has been recommended by many as a grill cleaner, and so it can do the job perfectly fine. You’ll know more of what you’re getting in this case, rather than with other multi-purpose cleaners.

Yet, some other products have simply had more time to test and develop a product that is specifically designed to clean grills. So, it’s partially down to your preference, and it’s also somewhat down to the grill itself.

If it’s made out of stone, for example, a multi-purpose cleaner may be right for you.

  • Odorless
  • Lifts off grease
  • Multi-purpose, so possibly more useful
  • Not specifically designed for grills
  • Doesn’t use all-natural ingredients
  • Doesn’t have disinfectant properties

Citrusafe Grill Cleaning Spray – Best at Grills and Grates

Citrusafe employs citrus to get a deeper clean when it comes to grills and grates. This means that you may be able to use this spray when your grill is cooler, meaning that you don’t have to waste time and money on heating your grill to clean it.

A drawback of this is that you’ll only be able to clean the grills and grates with this cleaner. If grease has dripped down the actual grill, therefore, you may be better off looking elsewhere. This will depend on what material your grill is made out of.

If you only require a cleaner for the grill and grates themselves, however, this is a great choice! Citrusafe is non-toxic, non-flammable, non-corrosive, biodegradable and free of phosphates, meaning it’s safe and easy to use.

This means your grill will not only be cleaned, but you’ll be able to get cooking right away!

  • Specifically made for cleaning grills
  • Ability to clean the grill while it’s cool
  • Non-toxic, so it’s safe to cook after a clean
  • Biodegradable and eco-friendly
  • Won’t be able to clean everything with it
  • Not as effective as a heavy-duty cleaner

Carbona 320 Carbona 2-In-1 Oven Rack And Barbeque Cleaner – Best 2-in-1 Cleaner

Keep your grill and your oven clean with this two in one cleaner. If you often cook extra, for example, wedges or fries in the oven, chicken on the grill, then this may be the cleaner for you. Having a 2-in-1 cleaner can be very helpful to make a full BBQ even faster.

Simply clean your oven and put in your extras, before washing your grill and slapping on some meat. 

If you only use the grill, this cleaner may still be helpful, as you’ll be able to clean more than just the grates with it. However, you may also want to look for something else that fits your specific purpose.

You can get a cheaper grill cleaner that’s specifically made just for grills, and as Carbona isn’t a spray, you can also find ones that are easier to use. Also, it may not work on older grates that have built up too much grease over time.

  • Clean your Oven Rack and your Barbeque
  • Great at lifting grease off
  • Designed to clean metals foods are cooked on
  • Doesn’t work on old, pitted grates
  • May not have enough liquid for a deep cleanse

Zep Fast 505 Cleaner & Degreaser for Grills – Best Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Zep Fast is a Jack of all trades. This cleaner can clean plastic, soils and heavy grease and dirt.

A drawback of getting a cleaner that can do so much is that you’ll need to buy it more often. It may, therefore, depend on your needs. If you want a product that can clean your grill as well as lawn equipment and kitchen surfaces, then Zep Fast may be the right choice.

If you simply want a grill cleaner that you’re only going to use on your grill, you may not want to spend more money on something that is multi-purpose.

For example, if you’re cleaning your grill because the entire house needs some work, and you want to clean the gutters and bikes and your car, Zep Fast is recommended.

However, if you’re having a BBQ with your friends tomorrow and just want to make sure your grill is glistening, you don’t necessarily need to spend more money on a more powerful cleaner. Something more fit for purpose may be better.

If you buy something that’s specifically for grills, also, you know exactly what you’re getting. So, while Zep Fast seems to have amazing specifications, the fact that it works on a lot of surfaces makes it difficult to decide how effective it actually is as a grill cleaner.

  • Multipurpose and so can use on many things
  • Useful if you’re doing a big clean before a BBQ or gathering
  • Powerful at getting rid of heavy grease
  • Multipurpose and so may not need all the uses
  • Using it on a lot of things may mean more frequent purchases
  • Toxic Materials

Spray Nine 26832 Heavy Duty Cleaner/Degreaser and Disinfectant – Best Heavy Duty Cleaner and Degreaser

Spray Nine is also a multi-purpose cleaner. It is more specifically made for degreasing and disinfecting, which may mean it’s better at cleaning a grill.

You’ll want your grill to be greaseless and shiny, but you’ll also want it to be disinfected so that you can cook the best quality burgers on it.

If you’re using a spray that does both in one and that prides itself on this feature, you’ll sleep peacefully knowing that fat and bacteria which has built up from previous food has been cleaned well.

Yet, it is still a multi-purpose cleaner, and so it still does depend on how widely you want to use the cleaner and what on. It may clean a grill very thoroughly, but it’s not explicitly designed or crafted for just grills. 

Spray Nine can, however, also help control mold as it’s anti-bacterial. This may depend on the type of mold. There’s no statement that Spray Nine is also an anti-fungal, meaning that certain types of mold may still grow.

So, if you’ve just moved house and are having a welcome BBQ, for example, Spray Nine might be a good idea.

  • Anti-Bacterial Properties
  • Helps with mold
  • Cleans many surfaces
  • Helpful with cooking as a disinfectant
  • Not specifically made for grills
  • May stop working after multiple uses
  • May only work non-specific cleaner

TriNova Grill Cleaner Spray for BBQ – Best for a Range of Grills

If your grill is bespoke, this may be the option for you. TriNova boasts the ability to work on a range of different grills and materials. If you’re looking for a cleaner and can’t find one because of the materials your grill is made of, TriNova may work on yours.

If your grill is made out of cast-iron or stainless steel, it may be better to get a grill cleaner for that specific use. There are clear benefits and drawbacks of getting a cleaner that has so many applications. 

For example, you’ll have more peace of mind that this grill cleaner can be applied to your grill. However, it may not do as good a job as a grill cleaner that is specifically made for the materials your grill is made out of.

  • Works on a range of grills
  • Non-stick
  • Spray for easy application
  • Works better by buying more products
  • May not work on older grates
  • Not as good as cleaners made for a specific material

Choosing the Best Grill Cleaner for You

Before you start shopping, there are a few things you’ll want to know. For example, it’s always helpful to look at your grill before choosing a grill cleaner.

What kind of food do you cook on it? How often do you use it? What materials is it made out of? 

This way, you’ll know what you’re looking for a lot better.

1. Type of Cleaner

best grill cleaner 2019

You’ll want to think about what kind of cleaner to go for. Should you go for a spray or a gel? What should you clean your grill with? A brush or a cloth?

A spray is always helpful when cleaning your grill, whether you’re using one with a cloth or brush. The best sprays out there will lift the grease right off without having to use much of the product.

The type of spray itself is crucial. Different sprays are made for lots of specific purposes. It might help to work backward.

Think about the last time you used your grill. How much did you cook in the oven? How much was made by hand? How much was the fridge used?

It might be a good idea if you cooked a lot on and off the grill to get a multi-purpose cleaner.

Then, you’ll be able to use it on your oven and fridge and surfaces as well.

If it was a matter of grilling patties and hot dogs and not much else, it’s a good idea to find a cleaner that has the specific purpose of cleaning grills.

2. Method of Cleaning

best grill cleaner for stainless steel

To know this, you’ll have to look at your grill first.

If the gratings are thin, you’ll be able to use anything. You can spray onto a cloth or use gel and get between the gaps. If your grill is thicker, then a spray will land right where it needs to, meaning it’s easier to spray and then wipe away the grease. A gel may make this difficult, however.

This may depend on how often you use your grill or what you cook on it, but generally, if your grill has thick gratings, a spray will work better.

If you have thin gratings, however, a cleaner and cloth should do the job. This is for two reasons.

One, small gratings won’t pick up as much grease, and it’ll be easier to wrap a cloth around them and wipe them down. For thick gratings, if you’re spraying on and using a brush, scratches matter less because they’ll be cosmetic.

Also, thick gratings will be more challenging to use with a gel as it’ll have to be applied with the cloth, rather than directly spraying on and brushing off.

3. Type of Grill

You’ll want to know what your grill is made of, too.

If it’s ceramic and you want to clean all of it, you’ll need something more multi-purpose. If it’s made of metal, you can decide on a more specific grill cleaner and still manage to pick up any stains and grease that has dripped down the side.

Stone will still require a clean, but less frequently. A ceramic grill is more fragile to wear and tear, and grease may stain the look. A metal grill is susceptible to rust and so should be cleaned more frequently. A stone grill, however, is much more weather-resistant.

This means that when you’re looking for the best grill cleaner, you can focus on cleaning the grating a lot more.

4. Type of Food

best grill and grate cleaner

Thinking about the kind of food you cook will also be necessary. Fish will not only stain a grill, but the scales may stick to the gratings. Vegetables will bleed onto the grill requiring a deeper clean. Burger patties, steak, shrimp and sausages, however, won’t create much of a mark.

If you’re often cooking something that has a lot of grease and that stains, it’ll be better to buy a heavier duty spray to clean your grill with. If you grill food that stains less often, a standard gel or spray will do just fine.

Frequency of Use

This is important for two reasons.

One: It’ll cause the grill to be more or less greasy. Of course, the more you use your grill, the greasier it will get. If you’re using it a lot, it’s more worthwhile to invest in a brush grill cleaner, as well as a spray. This is because you’ll have to remove more grease each time you clean, but will also add to the price.

Two: You’ll be cleaning your grill more frequently if you use it more often. This means that you wouldn’t want to buy a small cleaner that’s going to run out quickly. Even if they are a great value, having to replace something more often still means less BBQs.


How do you deep clean a grill?

There are two ways to do so.

The first includes mixing a solution of 20% of dish soap and 80% of water into a spray bottle. Then, you open the grill's lid and spray the inner part of the cook box. Next off, you leave the mixture to dissolve the grease for a couple of minutes and brush it rigorously, in-depth with a stainless steel brush.

Secondly, you could house down your grill and lid, both inside and out, to better rinse out the residual ash, if there's some. Now, you could start scrubbing, of course, with gloves on. You will need plastic to scour the pad, hot water, and degreaser or dish soap. If you opt for dish soap, scrub the grates and entire firebox with hot, soapy water, rinse and dry the parts.

What is the best way to clean grill grates?

The best way is to use hot, soapy water.

First, you can lightly scrub the grates. You could soak them in hot and soapy water for an hour and rinse. Next off, return the grates to the grill, close its lid, and warm it up.

After you warm the unit up, you can apply a grill brush to scrub and clean all extra residues off the grates.

What will happen if you don't clean your grill?

best grill cleaner spray

If you don't clean the unit, you will expose your fresh meat and other food to old gunk.

Additionally, the leftover meat pieces, fats, grease, and other unnecessary elements that are near the grill's bottom will eventually go up in smoke and release a fresh or not-so-new coating.

Also, if you don't clean the grill, it could cause excessive grease accumulation that could flare up later during the grilling process.

Should I clean my grill after every use?

Yes, you should. In fact, experts recommend you clean the grill after every single use. It would be ideal if you cleaned it after it cools down after the cooking process.

You should apply a brush to remove all the food particles left on the grate. It would be perfect to use a wire brush.

How do you clean grill grates without a brush?

When you don't have a fine brush for this process, you can try various alternatives. These include:

  • using a leftover onion
  • cleaning up with an aluminum foil
  • snagging a nylon scouring pad
  • applying a steamer
  • oiling your grill in advance

However, the most effective way would be using an aluminum foil ball, scrubbing and cleaning the grates and other dirty or fatty parts.

So, Let’s Get Grilling!

Looking at this guide makes it pretty clear that Therapy Premium is the best option. Your grill will likely be made out of stainless steel, and buying Therapy Premium will mean you’ll be able to use it on multiple products.

Clean your oven, your fridge, your microwave, AND your grill, and serve up the best food at your BBQ.

As it’s a spray, too, it’s easy to use and works on both thin and thick gratings. Gels work better with small gratings as they don’t work as well with brushes and heavier duty tools. Sprays work with anything.

While multi-purpose cleaners can do more, this means they have to be replaced more often and may not get the best results on a grill itself. When looking for one of the best grill cleaners; therefore, Therapy Premium is undoubtedly a great option.

Have you used it or any other product from this list? If you have, share your experiences with us in the comments.

Therapy Stainless Steel Cleaner Kit with Premium Microfiber Cloth - Polish, Sink Cleaner, Grill...*
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