The Best Tips on How to Reheat Steak in 2021

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Reheating your steak is a risky deal. If you prefer tender cuts of steak, then lousy methods will leave you with what tastes like a second cousin to a leather shoe.

Does the thought of asking Siri or even checking Youtube on how to reheat your steak make you shudder? If you want to know how to prepare steaks like a pro, then understanding and learning how to reheat steak is a must.

While heating your meat may have disadvantages, knowing the best tips and tricks to reheat your steak, without it becoming chewy or tasteless, can make your leftover steak taste like it's fresh off the grill. Here are the 5 best ways to reheat steak.


How to Reheat Steak in the Oven While Grilling It in the Skillet

If you like a juicy and flavorful steak, for this method first you need to make sure you have extra time to reheat it because it will last longer than any other.

Many experts agree that the oven method is the perfect way to reheat a steak. It's pretty simple and straightforward, so it should not be hard to do so.

How to Reheat Steak in the Oven While Grilling It in the Skillet

Here, we will show you how to reheat steak in the oven in 5 easy steps:

  • Preheat your oven to 250°F.
  • Put the steak in a rack and place in a baking dish. Then place the pan on the center rack of the oven.
  • Cook the steak until its temperature reaches 100°F to 110°F. It usually takes about 30 minutes for an inch and a half thick steak. If your steak is thicker, you will need more time. To make sure steaks are at the recommended temperature, use the instant-read meat thermometer. When the steak reaches this temperature, remove it from the oven.
  • Heat a saucepan with a tablespoon of vegetable oil over high temperature until it starts to smoke. While waiting for the pan to get warmed up, use paper towels to dry the steak. When the oil begins to turn into steam, it's time to put the steak in the pan. But be very careful! Turn the steak for about 60 to 90 seconds on both sides until it’s browned. That will make it crisp.
  • Remove it from the pan and let stand for about five minutes. After that, it should be semi-rare in the center. You can try it again with an instant-read thermometer. The preferred temperature should be around 131 degrees Fahrenheit, and then your steak is ready.

How to Reheat Steak Using the Vacuum Bag Method

Do you crave for the tender steak from the previous BBQ night? Then this is the method you need to learn. It’s a great way to reheat your steak.

First insert your steak into the heat-resistant bag, vacuum-seal it and place it in the water for a minimum of a few minutes or if you can, for several hours. In this way, the steak will retain moisture, and it will be heated evenly. Just follow the next steps:

Take the steak out from your refrigerator and allow it to reach the room temperature. The meat takes about 30 minutes to warm up.

  • Find plastic bags designed only for steaming.
  • You will need a large pan that will hold the steak and bags from touching the sides. Fill the bags with water and let it warm up, but do not let it boil. The recommended temperature for meat is about 140 ° F.
  • Insert the steak into the plastic bag and be sure to remove all the air before sealing each bag. If you wish, you can even buy the vacuum machine to purify the air and make this process much more comfortable.
  • Preheat the pan with a small amount of oil or butter depending on your preferences.
  • Insert the plastic bag into a hot pan. Always make sure that the bag does not touch the edges when the steak is heating. If necessary, you can use the tweezers to move the bag away from the sides of your pan. Depending on the thickness, it can take between five and eight minutes.
  • When the steak reaches the water temperature, it won't heat anymore. So you can leave it in hot water until it’s ready to be served.

How to Reheat Steak Using the Microwave

The most common method is to heat food in the microwave. Unfortunately, this is not the ideal choice for leftover steak. The only time you should reheat your stake using the microwave is if you have little or no time.

  • Make sure to keep all the cooking juices from the first grilling as it will serve as an essential ingredient for reheating the steak in the microwave. Store the juice properly in a sealed container or a bag and place it in your refrigerator.
  • Place the cold steak in the microwave and smear it with the juice you kept apart after cooking the steak. If you didn't keep any, you can always use any steak sauce. Cover the dish with a microwave, oven or plastic cover to prevent moisture from entering the liners.
  • Microwave the steak at low or medium power for about 30 seconds at a time. Repeat this process until the steak reaches the recommended internal temperature, ranging from 100°F to 110°F. You must monitor and control the temperature continuously to ensure that your steak does not get dry.

How to Reheat Steak in the Oven

This method is very similar to reheating using the oven while grilling your steak in the skillet. The main difference is that after reheating the steak in the oven, you don’t put it in the pan. So let's quickly repeat the steps.

  • Preheat oven to 250°F.
  • Place the steak on the pan or a grill and put it in the center of the oven. Using the pan, you will let the steak heat evenly on each side.
  • Put the steak in the oven for approximately 20 to 30 minutes. Check it regularly to make sure it didn’t dry out or overcook. Before removing it from the oven, ensure it has reached the recommended internal temperature of 100°F or 110°F. Leave the steak for a few minutes before serving.
How to Reheat Steak in the Oven

How to Reheat Steak with Beef Broth

The easiest way to reheat the steak is by using beef broth. All you need is a nonstick pan and some remaining steak.

  • Put the pan on the fire and add a little broth. Allow the broth to warm enough to start slowly to boil.
  • Put the steak into the pan and cook for a minute or two. The main secret is that the broth gives the steak a little moisture, so you can be sure that the steak won’t dry out or taste bland.

Final Thoughts

Some methods are faster than others, some may seem very complicated, but they all have their pros and cons. All the methods outlined in this article are great ways to reheat your steak.

For us, using the oven and skillet method is the best way to reheat your steak. In this way, you get to reheat the steak very slowly and also keep all the moisture and aromas. Plus, by cutting the steak for a minute or two, you get those crunchy slices we all love.

Don’t forget to keep in mind that different types of meat have different conservation rules. You can store the grilled steak in the refrigerator safely for 3 to 4 days. Remember that you can reheat your steak only once.

What’s your favorite way of reheating the steak? If you know different methods that always give you the best results, don’t forget to share them with us.

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