What Is the Best Grill Light for Your Next Fun Night BBQ Party?

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If you are in the look for the best grill light, I bet that’s because you love outdoor barbecues in the warm late afternoons or even at nights. That is the right time for gatherings when you and your friends have a busy day. Not to mention, summer nights are much cooler and pleasant for sitting outdoors.

As its name suggests, the grill light is born of necessity – to provide enough light so that you can easily check on your food and keep you safe from burning yourself.

Yet, not all the lights are built the same. They come in different styles and with different functions. Here are the best 8 grill lights on the market. Search no further!


Top 3 Recommendations
Editor's Choices
KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light Magnetic Base Super-Bright LED BBQ Lights-360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck,...*
LED Concepts BBQ Grill Lights Magnetic Base Super-Bright LED Lights-360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck,...*
Best Selling
Zeust Sirius 1.0 Barbecue Grill Light - 10 Super Bright LED Lights, Durable, Weather &...*
Power Source
6 AAA batteries (included)
3 AAA batteries
3 AAA batteries
Price not available
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
A set of two durable ultra-bright grill lights
Versatile screw clamp and magnetic base for multi-purposes
Powerful illumination
Editor's Choices
KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light Magnetic Base Super-Bright LED BBQ Lights-360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck,...*
Power Source
6 AAA batteries (included)
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
A set of two durable ultra-bright grill lights
LED Concepts BBQ Grill Lights Magnetic Base Super-Bright LED Lights-360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck,...*
Power Source
3 AAA batteries
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Versatile screw clamp and magnetic base for multi-purposes
Best Selling
Zeust Sirius 1.0 Barbecue Grill Light - 10 Super Bright LED Lights, Durable, Weather &...*
Power Source
3 AAA batteries
Price not available
Customer's Rating
Best Feature
Powerful illumination

Detailed Reviews of The Best Barbecue Grill Light

KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light - Top-rated Grill Light

This KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light comes in a package of 2 lamps and 6 AAA batteries. Each lamp has 9 LEDs which provide ultra-brightness. Besides the illumination quality, other features are excellent at its price range.

Thanks to the durable aluminum alloy, you can expect this light to last for years from hot to cold weather season. The material is heat-resistant and waterproof. The light is also lightweight and portable.

In addition, the powerful magnetic base allows mounting two lights to any flat surface in a matter of minutes without any installation tools. The 4.5-inch gooseneck is adjustable to 360 degrees so you can illuminate whatever you want.

What I would like to point out about these lights is their versatility. When done with the BBQ parties, you can clean and use the lights for other things such as camping, reading, or when riding bikes. The easy installation and reliable magnetic base will help a lot.

Currently, there are no significant flaws reported. That’s why this KOSIN grill light is almost 5-star rated. If there is one thing I want to see improved, that is the length of the neck to give more flexibility.

  • A set of 2 grill lights
  • Durable and reliable construction
  • Ultra-bright LEDs
  • 6 AAA batteries included
  • Short gooseneck

Final Verdict: This affordable price won’t disappoint you as both construction and features will offer maximum brightness for any BBQ party.

LED Concepts BBQ Grill Lights - Best Versatile Grill Light

LED Concept focuses on LED-based lighting accessories. This Grill Bright Silver light won’t disappoint you, as well as the quality of this product.

Many users like this LED Concept grill light because of its versatile design to fit almost all grills. There is an adjustable screw clamp so you can attach the light to various surfaces without toppling it over. When the BBQ parties are off, you can use the lights desk lamps.

The highly magnetic base keeps the light attached firmly on most surfaces. It is effortless to install to any grills as long as they have metal parts.

The lighting quality is excellent thanks to 12 built-in LED bulbs. The LED bulbs consume less energy than regular bulbs and are brighter as well. Moreover, the 22-inch gooseneck can rotate 360 degrees for light to reach anywhere on the grill.

Powered by 3 AAA batteries, LEDs can last for many hours.

Though the aluminum construction is advertised to be weather-resistant, some users claim otherwise. The battery holder can get wet, rust and ruin the batteries on the inside.

  • Affordable price
  • Versatile screw clamp and magnetic base
  • Bright and energy-saving LEDs
  • 360-degree adjustable neck
  • Easy-rust battery holder
  • Not a waterproof construction

Final Verdict: I strongly recommend this LED Concept Grill Bright Silver light both for indoor and outdoor activities such as BBQ parties or mechanical repairs. It provides cordless brightness wherever you need it.

Zeust Sirius 1.0 Barbecue Grill Light - Best Quality Grill Light

The Zeust Sirius grill light is crafted with the top-notch features on the market: compact design, durable materials, ultra-bright LEDs, and more.

First, this light is confirmed to be compatible with various grills like Weber, Char-Broil, Traeger, to Big Green Egg grills. The C-clamp is universal and adjustable. It takes only three minutes to set it up and get the light ready for the fun night barbecue parties.

Made of the nylon glass fiber, the Zeust light stays strong during heat or rain. You can focus 100% on your grilling work, and the light will help you keep an eye on the meat. This tool can withstand sub-zero to extremely high temperatures of 365 degrees F.

Even better, the Zeust Sirius light quality is as high as 105 lumens. 10 LEDs can illuminate the entire grill clearly without affecting the natural color of the food. Thus, you can check whether the meat is under- or overcooked — no need to turn on the phone’s flashlight all the time.

Running on 3 AA batteries the light can last up to 18 hours. There is even a smart touch and auto-off functions to save more energy on batteries!

Though the C-clamp is adjustable, it is not 360-degree flexible as the magnetic grill lights as above.

  • Powerful illumination
  • Universal C-clamp
  • Durable glass fiber construction
  • Lifetime replacement guarantee
  • Limited movable range

Final Verdict: The feature list and quality are far beyond my expectations at this price range. The drawback of a rotating range is insignificant, as long as your grill is not too large.

Weber 7661 Handle Grill' N Go Light - Best for Motion Activation

This Weber 7661 grill light is specific due to various benefits, so let's sort them out!

Firstly, you can find an easy attachment to the grill handle. Therefore, the installation process will be effortless. Once you place the light on the frame and handle, it will remain fixed and stable and provide a better insight into the grilling process.

Moreover, the Weber 7661 grill light offers a massive amount of light; therefore, it will light the whole cooking surface and provide you the ultimate experience, regardless of the part of the day or other conditions. You will see everything clearly.

It won't let you down even regarding the additional lighting options. Namely, the detachable grill light offers extra lights where you need them and covers a large surface. Hence, no gill part might remain hidden or dark - the light will cover all aspects and surfaces.

You won't need to bother too much about the battery life. As you may notice, the Weber 7661 grill light includes a motion sensor with an on or off switch for more extended battery life and more extensive use. Thus, it will offer the adjustable time for cooking or grilling and help you finish everything properly.

Thanks to its design, the Weber 7661 light is perfect for a summit, genesis, and current spirit grills, so there won't be any complications or other difficulties installing and using it. But, of course, the power source is a manual one. So, purchase it now, and see the benefits.

  • Waterproof
  • Heat-resistant
  • Durable
  • Affordable
  • Design issues

BRIGHT EYES Magnetic Barbecue BBQ Light - Best for Large Grills

If you have a large grill, then invest in this Bright Eyes Magnetic Barbecue light, a set of 2 bright lights. They work well with almost any grill (except for the stainless steel grills) with a C-clamp, and the process of the installation is a piece of cake.

The LED bulbs are bright enough to cover the entire grilling place. No worries about the light going out in the middle of barbecuing as the 6 AAA batteries are enough to keep it last for ages. The batteries are included in the package; hence, it is more economical.

These Bright Eyes lights are waterproof and are made of durable stainless steel. The neck is bendable, and it’s easier to optimize the lighting distribution according to your needs. Their magnetic bases offer significant stability on any flat surface.

This material is also lightweight so you can pack the lights along for any outdoor activity. There is even a handy reusable case with a double foam interior to provide extra security while in transport.

However, the Bright Eyes light cover is not very heat-resistant. It might melt at high temperatures. You should better keep the lights at some distance from the grill surface.

  • A set of 2 bright grill lights
  • Easy installation using the C-clamp
  • Waterproof material with additional case
  • 6 AAA batteries included
  • Not heat-resistant construction

Final Verdict: The light coverage of this product is definitely unquestionable. As long as your grill is not of stainless steel, this light is an economical choice.

Life Mounts All Weather LED Barbecue Grill Light - Most Adaptive Light for All Grills

At a glance, this Life Mounts LED barbecue light looks quite different from the others on the list. However, the illumination quality is still worth your investment.

For your information, this Life Mounts light can fit almost all grill styles thanks to the patented universal flex mount, which is made of heat-resistant rubber. It possibly adapts to any side tube or handlebar, so you can direct the light wherever you need it.

This Life Mounts light has three flashlight buttons to adjust the light power according to your needs. The feature is both good and bad. On the one hand, it cycles among three modes: high output, low output, and strobe output. This saves more battery energy.

But, if you are in the middle of your cooking when the light goes into the strobe, this feature turns out to be a bit frustrating. You have to click the flashlight button twice to bring the powerful illumination back.

Compact and durable as it is, I recommend this Life Mounts light for small-sized grills. The reason is that this LED light only supports brightness to 300 lumens.

  • The patented mount can fit various parts of the grill
  • Heat-resistant and weatherproof material
  • Adjustable mount to light up whatever you need
  • 3 different modes of light that sometimes can be inconvenient
  • Low lumen flux

Final Verdict: Compactness and versatility to various grills is a plus when it comes to Life Mounts LED barbecue light. However, the light flux is limited. You should buy it for the small grills only.

IMAGE Magnetic Ultra-Bright Barbecue Grill Light - The Best Budget Grill Light

Another 2-in-1 grill light package, which comes at a surprisingly low price, is the Image Magnetic Ultra-bright Barbecue light.

I want to mention that this product is made of the premium durable aluminum alloy. This couple of lights will never meltdown, and you don’t have to worry about the extreme heat while grilling. Moreover, the material is weather-resistant. If you are not satisfied, the manufacturer even offers a 1-year return warranty.

Like other magnetic lighting, the Image lights have a firm magnetic base that is easily attached to most metal surfaces. Besides, the 5-inch gooseneck is flexible so that you can adjust the light’s angle to wherever you need it.

The illumination quality is also exceptionally good at the price category. These Image lights support various modes to save your batteries, and the focal length is adjustable to meet your lighting needs. You can expect 3AAA batteries to last up to 48 hours!

The main disadvantage is that you need to press the power button several times to change the lighting modes.

Every time you want to have a 100% brightness, you need to press 5 times: one to turn the light on, and three other times to choose slow blink, fast blink, 50% brightness, or 100% brightness respectively.

  • Low price for 2 ultra-bright lamps
  • High-quality materials
  • Flexible gooseneck and magnetic base
  • Energy-saving lighting modes
  • Inconvenient light-changing button
  • Low battery capacity compared to others (6 AAA batteries.)

Final Verdict: In this price category, no other grill lights can beat Image Magnetic Ultra-bright Barbecue because of its durable construction and illumination quality.

RVZHI Grill Light - Best for Rotation

The penultimate grill light will blow your mind due to its highly prolonged use. Namely, the RVZHI light offers more than 50,000 working hours and ten super-bulb LED lights. Thus, the lights will provide battery life, and the package contains a screwdriver and a battery for a more extended lifespan and use.

Being a durable and heat-resistant product, the RVZHI grill light is also reliable and weatherproof, thanks to the nylon glass fiber. The material resists and endures up to 356 degrees, and nothing will deform or melt it quickly.

Moreover, the unit is flexible and rotates in all directions, allowing you to illuminate the whole cooking surfaces and grill in general without hidden or dark parts. Consequently, the RVZHI unit is ideal for a night BBQ session, and the 360 degrees rotation will cover all your grilling needs and demands. So, it will be a hassle-free adventure!

Due to the adjustable and sturdy C-clamp, the product is durable and won't harm easily. But, of course, it will be sold and reliable enough to endure the pressure. Also, the cordless unit is easy to install, as it doesn't require any tools or other devices. Therefore, the RVZHI product is suitable for all grills - smaller, medium, more significant, eclectic, gas, charcoal, and other grills.

Thanks to its versatility and convenience, the RVZHI light is a multipurpose option, suitable for various kinds of use. You can use it for camping, boats, night grilling, etc.

  • Easy to use and install
  • Weatherproof
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Reliable
  • Negligible design issues

How to Choose the Best Grill Light?

In short, there are three notes:

best grill lighter
  • The best grill light is versatile and easily-attached to various types of grills and ordinary things such as a handle or a pole with a clamp.
  • It must be heat-resistant and weatherproof.
  • The battery capacity is enough to keep the light bright and focused for the whole night BBQ party.

Following details should be considered as well:

1. Compatibility

First, make sure that the light can be attached firmly to your barbecue grill.
There are three types of BBQ grills:

Handle Mounted

These can be tightened to the grills’ handle using a small rounded clamp. Advantageously, these lights can fit almost all grills. They provide excellent lighting from above. However, they are not mobile enough to illuminate in other directions.


What I like the most about magnet lights is the fact that they can be attached anywhere on the grill as long as there is a metal base to support them. Nevertheless, the base does not seem to be firmly in one place on certain BBQ grills.

Clamp Mounted

Unlike the rounded handle mounts, the clamps are attached to any flat surface of your grill and provide extra stability. However, the quality of light distribution is what you should prioritize.

2. Lighting Efficiency

After tightening the lights to the grill, you need to learn how the light can be powered.

Battery-Powered Grill Lights

The best grill lights are usually battery-powered LED. They are typically easy-to-use and portable to travel around - recommended for camping and outdoor activities.

Pay attention to lumen specification. It indicates how powerful the light is, and manufacturers usually do not mention it. From my experience, the outdoor grill light should have at least three LEDs to produce a lighting flux of 100 lumens. The more, the brighter.

However, time and environment might affect the battery quality. Check the batteries frequently if you do not want the light to fade in the middle of your cooking. Prepare some spare batteries just in case.

Outlet Grill Lights

Restaurants often have fixed BBQ grills for frequently and bulk use. That’s why they need potent lights. Grill lights that run on electricity are more suitable than the AA battery-powered lights.

These have an extension cord to connect to an electricity system. Because of that, you can expect prolonged and stable lighting. Some premium grill lights support battery tray and outlet power, even solar-powered light as well.

3. Flexibility

The light should be movable and able to illuminate any part of the grill so that you can keep an eye on the marinated meat or vegetables.

Handle-mounted lights are often attached in one place with limited mobility. Meanwhile, magnetic lights support 360-degree gooseneck to maximize safety and illumination.

Such flexibility is also helpful for lights that have limited mounting options.
Light up here and there at will

4. Durable Materials

No matter what grill light you choose, ensure it is durable and can withstand any weather. Best grill light should be made of fiber and metal to not only accommodate the setup but to also cope with the grilling heat itself.

Besides heat, the light must also stand up against weather elements. So remember to choose a waterproof light. To identify if it has a waterproof standard, check whether the barbecue lights are UL approved.

All-day grilling often generates smoking, charcoal film, and set-in grease. This affects the lighting quality significantly. Thus, the materials should also be easy to clean and maintain.

5. Size of Grill Lights

Bigger grill lights usually support more LEDs, in other words, more brightness. However, they are heavier and less portable.

Compact models are less bulky and more comfortable to clean. Not to mention, you can repurpose the light for other uses, such as reading.

Your final decision is primarily based on the size of your grill.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you grill at night?

You need to follow the following procedure:

  • use a grilling light for more convenient use
  • build a permanent grilling shelter for better conditions
  • use a grilling app and thermometer to track the progress and control the temperature
  • ensure there are no-slip zones to avoid potential hazards and severe injuries
  • always have extra fuel in order not to stop the grilling process
  • put on tight clothes for more safety and security
  • wear BBQ gloves for additional protection
  • plan everything in advance for a better experience
  • put away all-glass devices or tools to prevent accidents
  • separate raw and grilled food for more quality

How does Weber grill light work?

It works with a motion sensor, an on/off switch that you moderate for prolonged battery life.

Once you place it on the grill, the light will cover absolutely everything and remain fixed and firm until you remove it after you're done with the grill.

Who makes the best BBQ grill lights?

Well, all grill lights from the list are specific and best in their own way. It may be that the best trend and brand is the KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light due to top ratings, but best quality, performance, battery life, coverage area, and design.

But, suppose you take a closer look at the product, you will find other benefits as well, so don't miss it.

To Sum Up

Next time if you have an opportunity for an outdoor BBQ party, remember to take a grill light.

From my experience, the KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light is the best grill light of all. Not only that this light provides excellent illumination, but it is also versatile and multi-purpose. After grilling is done, you can take advantage of it and use it as a dining table lamp! The price is pocket-friendly with batteries included.

You will never burn yourself or have to serve an under- or overcooked dish while using this grill light.

Please share or comment if you find this BBQ grill light review to be helpful. Feel free to leave your comments in the comment box.

KOSIN Barbecue Grill Light Magnetic Base Super-Bright LED BBQ Lights-360 Degree Flexible Gooseneck,...*
  • [Super Bright]The BBQ light features 9 high-density LEDs. It provides a super bright and glare-free, wide light beam to illuminate your cooking area so that you do not have any problems cooking at any...
  • [Powerful Magnetic Base and Flexible Gooseneck]This feature allows you to easily mount your torch without any installation tools or technicalities. As long as your grill is made of a magnetic...
  • [water resistance and durability]The material making this torch is an aluminum alloy, it is resistant to extremely hot weather conditions. It is water resistance nature allows you to use it during...
  • [Portable and Multi-Purpose]The light is not fixed in one place. When not using it at the BBQ you can use it to light other things. It can be used for biking, camping, reading and any other things you...
  • [Batteries Included and After-Sales]Our products are equipped with 6 durable AAA batteries so you don't need to buy another battery at the beginning. This will save you cost, time and effort. If it...

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