Top 10 Choices for the Best BBQ Temperature Controller

Up next are everyone's favorite words - "It's BBQ season!"

There's no greater feeling than sparking up the old smoker, inviting your friends for some BBQ, and enjoying quality time with family. It also goes without saying that there's no party without a good meal.

However, it can be quite annoying having to spend a lot of time grilling and losing that time with your friends. The pit and temperature always need checking if you want to make tender and juicy meats. That's why all the expert Pitmasters suggest using BBQ temperature controllers that make your life a whole lot easier.

Temperature swings are the main reason for dry and unsavory meat, which is why you should invest in one if you're a gourmet. That's why we have prepared the best BBQ temperature controller that money can buy, and we've also included a buyer's guide to help you learn all about them and pick the right one for you.

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Overview - Best 3 Recommendations

Control Your Summer and Temperature With the Best BBQ Temperature Controller - Top 10 Reviews

Flame Boss 500 Controller (Ceramic/Kamado Kit) - Technologically Advanced

If you're a novice Pitmaster who's just getting in the world of meat cooking and barbequing, you're probably confused with all the rules, regulations, and terms in general. That is why we give you the best temperature controller to ease you into the process, the Flame Boss 500-WiFi Controller.

This one's a piece of art. Its patented software allows you to control your food temperature from a distance using an app from your phone, that's available on both IOS and Android, and it can monitor up to three different types of meat in the process.

Since there are so many different types of grills, smokers, and temperature controllers, you'll probably stop to think, "Does this one combine with the grill I have?"

Don't worry. This one's been made to be compatible with most of the higher-profile grill products, such as Kamado Joe, Big Green Egg, Primo Grills, and more. What's most important is that you'll be inclined to take it on every time you pick up the grill since it's so convenient and easy to use.

The online dashboard will allow you to continually monitor the temperature from most of the devices in your home, including Amazon Alexa and Google Home, and you'll do so with utmost precision. You can program it to send you text messages for specific alerts.

With all things in mind, you're getting this one if you're looking for the number one.

  • Online dashboard
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with the best grills
  • Meat probe, pit probe, and power supply are included
  • WiFi controller
  • /

CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller & Digital Meat Thermometer - Oven-Like Precision

All the expert Pitmasters agree that the key to the most delicious grilled meat is "low and slow" cooking. However, that can be hard to achieve by even the most experienced Pitmasters. Luckily, you won't have to worry about that with the BBQ Guru's CyberQ Cloud Temperature Controller.

This device offers one of the easiest and smartest ways of controlling food temperature with no extra work. It automatically feeds oxygen to the charcoal, based on the meat that you're preparing and constantly regulates temperature, even if you're not monitoring it yourself.

Once you connect it to your device via WiFi, it'll give you specific temperature graphing of the entire process, potential temperature swings, cooking time, and notes.

Its fan system is revolutionizing itself. By inserting the right amount of oxygen into the pit, CyberQ adjusts an oscillating fan system to provide variable speed to the grill at the exact time. That way, your food stays intact and avoids burning. And since the fan is right above the smoker's air vents, there's no need for manual adjustment.

What you should make sure is to follow the instructions when connecting it to WiFi since it has proven troublesome in many cases. Other than that, it's a fantastic temperature control device that you should own.

  • WiFi connection
  • Oscillating fan system
  • Easy to control
  • Detailed temperature graphing
  • Confusing connecting CyberQ Cloud to WiFi

IQ120 BBQ Temperature Regulator with Standard Pit Adapter for Many BBQ Smokers - A Cheaper Option

Up next is PitmasterIQ's revolutionary product, the Temperature Regulator for Weber products.

This next-generation food and pit temperature controller earned its fame by being one of the most precise devices on for an excellent bargain.

First off, you won't have to deal with many instructions and regulations when it comes to connecting it to the grill. You'll get a standard adapter that fits on most grills' lower fire vent, and the remaining vents are sealed with aluminum tape.

When it comes to functionality, you'll get an oven-like precision. The digital display will give you a detailed review of temperature swings, pit temperature, and meat status. Based on the food temperature - the automatic temperature will kick in and will notify you when it's done.

However, you should know that with the budget version, you're bound to run into some problems. It's been noted that the oxygen output is not always the greatest, so the automatic temperature can swing at a time. Considering that the more premium devices are much pricier, this is still a fantastic bargain.

In conclusion, for a programmable product that does the work for you, this is an excellent purchase that you should not overlook!

  • Oven-like precision
  • Digital display
  • Easy to assemble and connect
  • Oxygen output

DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller and Digital Meat Thermometer - BBQ Guru's Favorite

BBQ Guru is one of the leading manufacturers when it comes to these devices, and this one certainly pays off. We present to you BBQ Guru's DigiQ DX3 BBQ Temperature Controller and Digital Meat Thermometer.

Aside from being incredibly precise and manageable, this temperature controller has a couple of aces inside its sleeves. For example, everyone knows how stressful it is to remove the food once it's done since you're risking burning it with every second. That's why DigiQ DX3 lowers the temperature by 30 degrees when it's close to being done.

Its high-performance thermometer will amaze you with the state of the art technology that gives you maximum temperature control. You will also get insight as to what is going on inside your meat so that you can make appropriate choices.

Also, BBQ Guru's quality fan system will continuously feed oxygen at a variable speed to maintain the grill and pit temperature, and to make sure that your meat does not burn and remains juicy and tender.

And of course, it's compatible with a lot of quality grill brands you can find on, so there's no real reason why you shouldn't buy this device. It comes with BBQ Guru's guarantee!

  • Quality brand
  • Precise
  • Amazing technology
  • Fan system
  • /

IQ110 Temperature Regulator Kit - Capable Predecessor

Even though we've already covered the newer generation of this device, the IQ110 Temperature Regulator Kit, this one's not is not in the past and should not be disregarded. We give you the IQ110 Temperature Regulator Kit.

First, it should be noted that it fits most grills, as do all the best automatic temperature controllers. This smoker temperature controller has shown that it can regulate temperature at a steady pace by inserting oxygen into the pit continually, and it does so very efficiently.

For example, if you're cooking meat on a Big Green Egg at a temperature of 225 degrees, it will maintain that temperature for approximately 8 hours!

The newer version does show some improvements in terms of operating the fan and overall temperature control. Still, if you're in the market for products cheaper than that, this will undoubtedly come in handy.

It is programmable and offers insight into the overall temperature graphing. Just remember that it contains all the necessary equipment that you'll need to make it connect to the grill, except for the 12VDC cigarette lighter socket that is unfortunately sold separately.

To conclude, it's an excellent device that makes your life easier. And for this price, you'll get more than you bargained for.

  • Customizable
  • Programmable
  • Universal
  • Precise
  • Fan system
  • Lacks the cigarette lighter socket

LavaLockⓇ Automatic BBQ Controller - Four Probes

Moving on, we give you a slightly different brand of automatic temperature controllers, and you'll surely like it, the LavaLockⓇ Automatic BBQ Controller.

Suffice to say, it is universal as the best smoker temperature controller is, and it fits most of the grill and smoker products. In order to connect it, you'll get multiple adapters that require no drilling whatsoever.

What sticks out this product is the four probes that you'll get in the package, pit probe (1x) and a meat probe (3x). With these in possession, you'll never have to worry about temperature again.

When it comes to oxygen output, you'll get a massive 35 CFM blower fan with stainless housing that releases oxygen at variable speed. Cooking meat on a grill will never be the same once you experience this much control.

Most importantly, you'll get a 1-year guarantee in case anything goes wrong with the temperature controller and an additional three months for probes. For a device that offers you absolute precision, peace of mind, and quality, the price shouldn't be a factor in your decision if you decide to get this one.

  • Three meat probes and one pit probe
  • Smoker temperature precision
  • Universal
  • Excellent fan system
  • No mounting system

UCONTRO Digital Temperature Controller - A Different Method

The following product stands to prove that you can use something different for your BBQ grill than just automatic temperature controllers. We give you the UCONTRO Digital Temperature Controller.

In general, automatic temperature and smoker temperature controllers are an excellent solution when it comes to temperature regulation. However, they can often fail you, and you won't get the desired outcome. That is why sometimes it's better to do it manually with a precise controller.

This product gives you a control range of -30 ~ 300 Celsius / -22~572 Fahrenheit, which is excellent for more than just BBQ. You can use it in beer brewing, smoker temperature regulation, and more.

Control accuracy can vary with only just one-degree Celsius, which is a fantastic room for error when it comes to roasting and cooking tender and juicy meats.

Before you install it, you may have some issues getting through the manual since it can be slightly misleading, but once you set it up, you won't regret buying it.

Also, it's a cheaper solution if you're not ready to put in the big bucks for a premium BBQ temperature controller. In that case, you should give this one a shot.

  • A different method to BBQ temperature controllers
  • Temperature variety
  • Temperature control
  • Excellent for BBQ Grill
  • Confusing manual

SMOBOT Kamado Grill and Smoker Temperature Controller - Robotic Damper

Here's a little something that will blow you away, the SMOBOT WiFi Kamado Temperature Controller.

SMOBOT is a robotic damper system that attaches to the top vent of your grill. Once you easily connect it, you'll be able to monitor the grilling process via cloud software and regularly check any swings from their website. It regulates the temperature of a smoker with a high-performance thermometer and a fan system.

The way you connect the thermometer to the grill is by using an alligator clip that will come in the package, and of course, this device can be attached to all Kamado-like grills and smoker products.

Once you are used to grilling with this temperature controller, you'll never be able to switch to any other. It's intuitive and offers excellent insight into the grilling process.

The only problem some customers noted is the difficulty of setting up the WiFi and getting it to connect. In any case, SMOBOT's customer service is top-notch and will surely help you out in any way.

All in all, this device shows that you shouldn't always rely on the premium brands, such as BBQ Guru's, and you'll do just fine with temperature controllers like this one.

  • Intuitive
  • Precise
  • Universal
  • Innovative
  • Setting up the WiFi

BBQube TempMaster Pro Temperature Controller - Fast-Operating Probes

Whether you're an experienced pitmaster or you're just getting into the world of BBQ, you'll undoubtedly need this device, the BBQube TempMaster Pro BBQ Temperature Controller.

This wireless thermometer is precise as a Swiss watch. It successfully measures temperature and offers fantastic temperature control when it comes to any type of meat. Also, it can run 100+ hours on a single charge, which is something we'll all enjoy in, and the best part - you can charge it while it's docked on the base.

It's simple and straightforward. No more messing with unnecessary buttons since now you can operate it from one universal switch. No more greasy fingers!

What separates this product from the rest of the temperature controllers is fast probes. They are 5x more efficient and responsive then regular cooking probes. If you don't trust us, check out the 5-star reviews and prove us wrong!

However, remember that digital temperature control is the biggest issue with even the best BBQ temperature controllers. Some customers noticed that distance could influence the efficiency of remote control, and that can, in turn, mess with your meat.

In conclusion, this temperature controller deserves all the praise and a spot on this review list. Don't make a mistake and skip it during your consideration!

  • Precision
  • 100+ hours of running time
  • Universal button and use
  • Fast and responsive meat probes
  • Long-distance remote control

Auber Instruments WiFi BBQ Controller - Open Lid Detection

And finally, as we've reached the end of our list, there's still one more critical temperature controller to be reviewed, the Auber Instruments WiFi BBQ Controller for Large Big Green Eggs.

As is the case with the best BBQ controllers, this one is also WiFi-connectable. It offers you precise temperature control from a distance and a detailed log of all temperature swings, graphs, and status of your meat. It also includes several functions, such as open lid detection, three control modes to control the fan blower, and dual-probe reading.

It's got more stable PID control than most of the other temperature controllers and offers a multi-step programmable cooking profile. This type of intuition is a sign of the best temperature controllers, such as the devices that come from BBQ Guru.

Once you set it up, you can install an app on your phone that tracks everything. The app is user-friendly and straightforward, so it won't take long for you to get used to it.

The only flaw that may come across as a problem is the lack of instructions manual. However, you can find them online and set up the device in a way you see fit. Once you're done, it's cooking time! And rest assured, because this temperature controller will not disappoint you!

  • WiFi connection
  • PID control
  • Intuition
  • Various features
  • Lack of instructions

How to Get Your Meat to Taste Just Right With Temperature Controllers - Buyer's Guide

All Pitmasters agree that cooking meat is a honed skill. It takes years to practice and master all the little details that make someone an extraordinary chef.

In order to do that, you need all the tools, both metaphorical and literal tools. One of those tools is the temperature control device.

And how do you know which one is the best and which ones will bring you the best results when it comes to tender and juicy meats?

Well, take a close look at some of the features that separate the best from the worst and find out!

1. Compatibility

best bbq temperature controller uk

There are so many different smokers and grills out there, and chances are you probably have one of the mainstream ones.

Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe, Weber, and Ceramic Grills are the most frequent ones, and that's usually the market for the temperature controllers. They manufacture controllers that are compatible with those grills and typically include an adapter for manual connection.

That is why you should pay close attention to which controllers adapt to which grills.

You don't want to make a mistake and get a controller that won't fit the top air vent of your grill. If you're still worried about whether it'll fit your specific smoker or grill, you can look for universal control devices and check if they have the same socket as yours.

2. Precision

best barbecue temperature controller

This is a noticeable feature. The best BBQ controllers have the utmost accuracy when it comes to measuring food temperature, proper temperature regulation, and general statistics in overall graphing. The golden rule is "slow and low" cooking, which is something that every Pitmaster knows, so precision is of the utmost importance.

Having a sound blower fan system will also factor in precise regulation since it feeds oxygen to the pit and regulates temperature based on the readings from the controller.

Indeed, the best devices of this kind cost a bit more, but you'll rest assured that your desired product will be tender and delicious.

3. Extra Features

best bbq temperature controllers

Since we're talking about the best, even the little things matter.

For example, Flame Boss that has proven to be the best BBQ temperature controller by far has some features that not many others have. It can connect to Amazon's Alexa and Google Home to continuously feed you information about the ongoing cooking process. You can even set it to give you constant updates regarding the temperature and smoker status.

Auber Instruments has an open lid detector that notifies you when the lid is open, which is something that certainly comes in handy.

LavaLockⓇ Automatic BBQ Controller has four added probes that help you determine the right temperature at any given moment, and they do so with high precision. Also, they have a three-month guarantee in case they fail or come in damaged.

A blower fan is also something that's a necessity regarding these products. The continuous and exact amount of oxygen is crucial in temperature regulation. More massive fans are always a great purchase.

4. Guarantee

bbq temperature controller reviews

Since these devices are generally put in harsh environments and can get wrecked or damaged in no time, it's essential to look for the most premium ones since they offer long-term guarantees.

They are a bit hard on the wallet, but you'll surely get your money's worth. If you're a gourmet that frequently barbecues, you'll feel the difference in both taste and time invested.

The best devices generally offer around 1-3 years of manufacturer's guarantee, so look for something in that range since you probably won't find a better offer.

Final Thoughts - Summary

As we've reached the end of the article, a specific type of summary is bound to happen. And what's the best way to end it than by excluding the favorites out of all the products that we've covered.

Many people will agree that the very best product and the golden medal deserves to be worn by the Flame Boss 500-WiFi Smoker Controller.

It's an absolutely fantastic product that contains all of the characteristics that the best temperature controller should have. You can connect it to devices in your home, freely walk around and hang out with your friends without worrying whether your meat will go bad or burn. It simply outweighs any controller that we've seen on this list.

Of course, BBQ Guru is the leading manufacturer of these products, and the team behind it deserves mention as well. CyberQ BBQ Temperature Controller & Digital Meat Thermometer is a fantastic product that won't disappoint you and leave you hanging in desperate times when everyone's anxious and waiting for the food to be served.

To conclude, don't waste any time or nerves worrying about meat, pit, and temperature.

Make your weekends and free days easier by investing in these products and have fun with your friends.

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