The Top 8 of the Best Raclette Grill for When You Need to Host a Party

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Are you planning on hosting a raclette party? There is a kitchen appliance that can add a healthy twist to your food: the raclette grill!

For dinner parties, get-togethers, and family gatherings, a raclette grill is the perfect appliance to prepare delicious food for your guests. Like fondue, it is the ideal way to cook when you want to make your guests a part of the cooking process – making it the ultimate social centerpiece.

Since raclette grills are different from traditional kitchen appliances, and even indoor grills themselves, you will need some help selecting the right one.

In this article, we review the best raclette grill for you. This includes a buying guide that explains what to look out for while shopping for raclette grills.


Top 3 Recommendations

8 of the Best Raclette Grill

Swissmar KF-77045 Classic 8 Person Raclette – The Raclette Grill with Detachable Granite Stone Surface

The Swissmar KF-77045 Classic 8 Person Raclette has everything you need in a versatile and delicious raclette cooking. The cooking surface is large enough to accommodate up to 8 people to grill their food at one time. You will find 8 heat-resistant spatulas to make the process super easy.

This 1200W grill plate has an adjustable temperature dial and comes with an excellent heat distribution system. This ensures you can cook all types of dishes, including the traditional Swiss cheese, melted over your potatoes.

The surface of this Swissmar KF-77045 raclette grill is made from granite stone with small cracks which are there to relieve the tension during the heating process. They don’t interfere with your grill's normal functioning. You can easily detach the granite stone plate. The base of the grill is made from enameled steel.

Another useful feature this grill has is a non-stick coating, which makes it easy to clean. But, be careful when detaching the parts, and ensure the grill is cool before you touch the hot plate.

This Swissmar KF-77045 grill is excellent for chargrilling slices of chicken, steak or vegetables like courgette and peppers. You don’t need any cooking oil to start the process, because of the grill’s non-stick surfaces. You can remove the top of the grill and use it for making mini crepes, grilling tomatoes or frying eggs.

For this product, Amazon offers free tech support for up to 90 days, and the grill comes with a one year warranty.

However, some users have complained that the top of the grill can start moving after some time.

  • Comes with 8 heat-resistant spatulas
  • The surface is made from granite stone
  • An excellent heat distribution system
  • Comes with one year warranty
  • Top of the grill may start moving after some time

Swissmar Classic 8 Person Anthracite Raclette - Best Content

The following Swissmar raclette grill will astonish you for various benefits, so let's see!

Firstly, the unit offers supreme design and content. Namely, the product includes a reversible, non-stick grill plate. The plate consists of cast aluminum.

Thus, your raclette grill will be sturdy and durable enough to last for an extended period and more excessive uses. It will serve you best!

Moreover, your food won't stick to the plate and burn up. Of course, you could remove it quickly once you finish the cooking process, and it wouldn't leave any traces.

When speaking of convenience and food, you need to know that the product comes with eight raclette dishes with non-stick coatings and eight heat-resistant spatulas for a more suitable grilling process. Hence, you don't need additional tools since the package covers you.

Of course, you don't need to bother much about the grilling process. As you'll see, the grill includes a heat control thermostat; therefore, you can adjust it to your needs and food to avoid complications, over or undercooked food.

Regarding the potential, the Swissmar grill works with 120 watts of power and 60 Hz and 120V of power sources and strength. Thus, it will provide the ultimate grilling process and experience with no effort!

You will also get an impressive warranty period, but you need to know that it's limited to the USA and Canada only.

So, what do you think? Will you opt for the best raclette grill?

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Durability
  • Heat control
  • Minor design issues

CUSIMAX Raclette Grill Electric Grill Table - Best Design

Why is our following raclette grill so unique? Stay tuned to find out!

Thanks to the 1500 watts of ability, power, and capability, the grill is perfect for family dinners and parties. In general, for a considerable number of people.

Regarding the materials, the CUSIMAX grill comes with a non-stick and reversible baking tray; hence, you can effortlessly remove the excess oil and grill with grill marks. Thus, its flat surface is ideal for eggs, pancakes, and crepes for breakfast.

Thanks to the specific two-in-one design, the raclette grill doesn't require additional tools and other equipment for the grilling or cooking process. Thus, you can prepare everything you need at once and save yourself unnecessary trouble.

As the unit is versatile, you can prepare various kinds of meat, fish, seafood, veggies, etc. Moreover, the CUSIMAX grill comes with an adjustable indicator light and heat control device; therefore, your food won't burn up or be undercooked. You simply moderate the heat distribution and temperature and let it do its job!

Due to the non-stick coating and grilling surface, you can effortlessly remove the food and clean the unit. As the surface is wide enough, it serves food for eight people at once. The trays are also removable and portable. Thus, the whole unit is suitable for shorter or longer trips and a supreme BBQ experience.

You will get 180 days of the warranty period and free lifetime customer support for additional questions and dilemmas.

  • Temperature control
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Minor quality issues

Techwood Raclette Table Grill - Best Performance

We love this electric raclette grill as it offers a wide cooking surface. Namely, the Techwood grill includes 19 x 9 inches of grilling surface, with a non-stick coating and plate; therefore, it serves a more prominent family at once.

Moreover, the unit works with 1500 watts of electric power source; therefore, you can prepare your food instantly and serve it effortlessly. The product shows the excellent capability and power to cook everything you like.

Additionally, you will find a reversible, two-in-one plate for maximum versatility and remove fat efficiently. You don't need additional equipment, and you can prepare crepes instead of a regular breakfast.

The two-in-one grill is also perfect for an indicator light and an adjustable thermostat for a more convenient grilling process. Thus, you can observe the cooking progress quickly, and your food won't be over or undercooked.

Furthermore, you will observe eight individual grill pans for various sauces and keep food warm and fresh for consumption. Of course, the non-stick coating doesn't require oils or kinds of butter for healthier cooking. The layer also makes it easier to remove and clean the surface.

As the unit comes with a 30-day free returning period, you will get a full money refund or a replacement. Also, you will get an 18 months warranty period.

Also, the unit meets and exceeds the USA's Product Liability Insurance and free customer support for additional issues and questions.

  • Easy to use and clean
  • Temperature control
  • Durable
  • Flavor
  • No grease trap and shallow sides

Hamilton Beach Raclette Indoor Grill – The Raclette Grill with a Sturdy Construction

This is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. If you have ever used this brand, you will agree as well!

With this grill, you can create delicious meals for 8 persons. It is a two-tier appliance with a grill at the top and the base for melting the cheese. Apart from its sturdy construction, you will also love the appliance’s deep edges, which help contain the juice and the fat within the dish.

The Hamilton Beach Raclette Indoor Grill has 8 tray sections, allowing you to make everything that can be made on one raclette grill. It comes with variable heating options, meaning you can control the temperature of the tray sections separately. 

The grill comes with the dimensions of 15.5 x 16.5 x 7.12 inches, and a 200 square inch non-stick, die-cast grilling surface.

The accessories that come with this appliance are top-notch and useful. You will find 8 heat-resistant paddles that can be used for mixing or stirring during cooking. Plus, there are 8 heat-resistant raclette trays with stay-cool handles. Anyone can use them without facing any difficulty.

However, washing the removable parts in a dishwasher may distort the non-stick glaze.

  • Durable and sturdy construction
  • Good quality accessories
  • Variable heat control option
  • Good capacity
  • Washing the removable parts in a dishwasher may distort the non-stick glaze.

Milliard Raclette Grill for Eight People - Best Quality

As you will observe, this Milliard raclette grill is very versatile; therefore, you can prepare various food types - seafood, veggies, meat, fish, and your other favorite food types instantly and effortlessly.

Thanks to its compact yet practical design, the unit is portable and suitable for short or long trips. Moreover, as it offers a broad cooking surface, you can prepare more food at once and serve eight people instantly.

Regarding the non-stick surface, it will be easy to clean and allows better sliding. Due to its two-in-one design, the cover includes both grill and flat sides for you to prepare more dishes at once.

The content includes a granite stone top that heats uniformly and slowly for perfectly served dishes and food. Thus, you won't have to bother at all about the quality; it will remain complete and untouchable.

Since the Milliard grill includes an adjustable thermostat for better temperature control, the indicator light will show you when the process is over so that you don't forget to turn it off. Also, the top and couples are dishwasher-safe and easy to clean.

The raclette grill works well with the 60 HZ, 1200W, and 120V of power sources regarding its potential. Moreover, the package includes:

  • Eight non-stick cheese pans.
  • A reversible grill top.
  • A granite stone top.
  • The raclette unit.

 The product measures 18 x 5 x 9.25 inches and fits all external and internal places for the ultimate grilling and cooking experience.

  • Heat distribution
  • Temperature control
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Negligible design issues

AONI Raclette Table Grill - Best for a Switch Firepower

The penultimate raclette grill will wow you as it offers an anti-stick coating and surface for a superior grilling and cooking experience. You will also see that the surface contains eight various parts for multiple meals at once.

Thanks to the 1200 watts of power source, the AONI raclette grill allows you to quickly melt cheese, cook seafood, meat, and veggies at once, and prepare your favorite tasty meals effortlessly. Moreover, its versatility makes it perfect for everyone's preferences, and you can select the best options.

You can now grill like an expert since the unit includes an adjustable thermostat for better temperature control. You will also notice a light indicator that helps you not forget to turn the team off once you complete the cooking or grilling process.

Due to the non-stick coating, you can easily clean the surface. The bakeware parts are also easy to clean since they are all dishwasher-safe. You can remove them quickly and wash them without extra tools and operations.

Of course, it's crucial to remember that the AONI raclette grill comes with a 12-months warranty period and meets all North America Electricity standards and safety regulations; therefore, it's safe for more excessive uses.

As the unit measures 15 x 9.1 x 5.1 inches, it's compact and portable so that you can adjust it to your needs and demands with no obstacles.

So, do you like it? If you do, hurry up and obtain it right now!

  • Heat distribution
  • Temperature control
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Durable
  • Not so sturdy

Gourmia Table-Top Raclette Grill – The Raclette Grill With a Unique Sombrero Design

If you need a raclette grill that is a little different from the above traditional-styled products, perhaps this alternative grill might just do the trick for you. With its unique sombrero design, it allows you to cook your meals efficiently and conveniently. 

The Gourmia Table-Top Raclette Grill is a proud owner of a knob-style temperature dial which gives total control over the way your potatoes, cheese, veggies, meat, or corn will be cooked. The set comes with raclette plates and 6 individual trays so that you can melt your cheese as well.

What’s more, the appliance has an ETL certification, which means you can be sure you are buying a high-quality, safe appliance that has certified good ratings for efficiency.

It is also worth mentioning that this Gourmia raclette grill comes with a recipe book. If this is your first foray into the world of raclette grilling, the manufacturer’s guide will give you a helping hand and ensure you are well informed to prevent mishaps from happening.

As a party host, this is a raclette grill you must have. It has multiple tray options so that everyone can put their favorite ingredients and cook whatever they like. The multiple trays are located in the bottom tier, while the top is mainly for grilling.

However, the grill does not come with specific temperatures settings.

  • Has six trays
  • Comes with a recipe book
  • ETL certified
  • Trays are pie-shaped/smaller

How to Use a Raclette Grill?

  • If your raclette grill is made of granite stoneware, it will take some time to heat up. We recommend turning on the grill 30 minutes before you start cooking
  • Safely check if the temperature is warm enough before adding meat, vegetable, or any other food that serves as the main course on the heated surface.
  • When your meat is grilling, add additional ingredients like cheese into the raclette tray, and slide it on the surface of the grill heating element.
  • Turn off the raclette grill when you are done with the cooking.

Factors to Consider When Choosing the Best Raclette Grill

1. Material Built

The material construct used for raclette grills is the most important thing to consider. The material will determine the type of dish that can be prepared and whether your food will retain flavor or not.

The best material construct for raclette grill is the granite stoneware, but it takes more time to heat. Alternatively, you can purchase a unit made with cast aluminum. This material is used in many grills.

Grills made from cast aluminum, retain flavor and heat up in relatively shorter time. You will be sure that the cooking surface of your grill is non-stick.

2. The Construction

best raclette grill on the market

Ideally, raclette grills are two-tiered - the top part is the grill, and the bottom part is for melting the cheese. Check the construction, ascertain if it is durable or not.

Next up is the size, overall dimensions, voltage, power options, and the power usage for cooking. A power consumption range of between 900 watts to 1200 is perfect for cooking meat.

Also, the size determines whether the grill will fit in your kitchen counter or not.

Check the handles, ensure they are stay-cool constructed. If not, it will be difficult to operate the appliance.

3. Varying Heat Control Options

This is another factor to consider if you plan to buy a high-capacity raclette grill. It is necessary, especially when you are cooking multiple dishes at once that each meal has different temperature requirements.

Select a product with various temperature adjustment options. Otherwise, there is no point in purchasing a raclette grill with high capacity.

4. Capacity

Raclette grills usually come with a capacity range of 2 to 8. If you regularly host parties, go for a grill with a capacity of 8. For family use, buy a 6 to 8 persons’ capacity grills. 

Raclette grills with a capacity of 2 are usually mini sets, and you should buy them if you have a low kitchen counter space.

5. Accessories

Accessories are the things that make your cooking convenient. Raclette grills usually come with raclette dishes for the bottom tier. You will also find some raclette pans.

The number that comes with your set is dependent on the capacity of the appliance. Check if the pans are non-stick. Also, look for the spatulas, ensure they are heat resistant, or else, it will be challenging to use them for stirring.

6. Type

Raclette grills can be divided into different types. For instance, a party type raclette grills have a cooking capacity of 12 and come with a fondue set.

We recommend the tabletop raclette grills that come with a decent capacity of 8 and have good quality materials, variable heat control options, and a non-stick cooking surface. 

If you need a budget-friendly appliance, you can buy a medium-capacity standard raclette grill with moderate features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Raclettes any good?

Yes, they are. They're easy to clean and use, and tiny surfaces offer maximum versatility to cook various foods at once. Moreover, their handles are always excellent, and you won't burn yourself.

Thanks to the solid and durable designs, the raclettes will last for ample time and serve you well even if you use them excessively.

What's the difference between fondue and raclette?

The main difference is in the basics. Namely, the fondue includes cheese or several cheese types melted in the pot with white wine. You eat them with bread.

On the contrary, with raclettes, you use a cheese block, grill it, and then scrape the content off the crispy and melted part. However, raclettes offer slightly more freedom to your meals to experiment better and adjust the flavor to your needs.

What can you cook on a raclette grill?

best raclette grill review

You can prepare a wide variety of meals and different types of food. Thus, you can melt cheese, grill meat, fish, seafood, vegetables, beef, steaks, black forest or parma ham, mozzarella balls, pancakes, grill sandwiches, potatoes, and many other food varieties.

So, you can change your breakfast routine in the morning and prepare various delicious dishes for other meals.

Which cheese is used for raclette?

You can use traditional Charletter cheese, but in addition to that, you can apply Brie sharp cheddar, Camembert, Monterey Jack, Gruyere, mozzarella, Gouda, Gorgonzola, Emmental, and Swiss cheese, Appenzeller.

All of them are melting uniformly and provide the best taste and flavor for your dishes.


A raclette grill has a simple, straightforward design and delivers delicious results. It is an excellent addition to any social gathering or dinner party. There are many models on the market, and many factors to consider before making a buying decision. It is important to find an appliance that suits you the best.

Our top-rated raclette grill is the Swissmar KF-77045 Classic 8 Person Raclette. It is a powerful 1200W grill with adjustable temperature functions that allows you to cook all types of food leisurely. With a non-stick grilling surface, you do not need to add unnecessary fat to your food before cooking.

We hope this review helped you choose the best raclette grill for your next get-together. Share your experience with us below.

Swissmar KF-77045 Classic 8 Person Raclette with Granite Stone Grill Top, Red*
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  • GRANITE STONE TOP** - Cooking with the hot stone is an aesthetically beautiful experience. Once pre-heated, enjoy the even heat distribution this natural cooking surface has to offer. Small hairline...
  • GREAT GIFT** - Once you try Raclette, you will want to share the experience with friends and family. This Raclette comes in a beautiful box making it the perfect gift for any occasion!

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